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This Addendum replaces Appendix A of instruction bulletin VD0C06S304E, ALTIVAR 66 Adjustable Speed Drive Controllers for Asynchronous Motors User's Manual, Constant and Variable Torque: to 400 hp, 460 V and to 50 hp, 230 V, Receiving, Installation, and Start-up. This addendum contains revised repair parts information.

Replacement of repair parts requires the use of special tools and installation procedures not included with the repair parts kits. Before replacing any repair part, consult the ALTIVAR 66 Drive Controller Service and Troubleshooting Manual, bulletin number VD0C06S701 (175 hp, 100 hp VT) VD0C06S702 (100350 hp, 125400 hp VT). These manuals can be ordered from your local Square D distributor. Repair parts must be replaced only by qualified electrical personnel familiar with the service and troubleshooting manual.

When ordering repair parts for the to ATV66C19N4 drive controllers, check the drive controller serial number and follow these guidelines. Refer to pages 35 of bulletin VD0C06S304E for assistance in finding the drive controller serial number.

If the serial number has "1" as the seventh digit, select repair parts from the repair parts list beginning on page 2 of this addendum. All drive controllers shipped on or after June 1, 1998 have "1" as the seventh digit of the serial number. See Figure 2 on page 2 for illustrations of these controllers.

If the serial number does not have "1" as the seventh digit, consult bulletin VD0C06S702 for repair parts. These are drive controllers that shipped on or before May 31, 1998. They are illustrated in Figure 1.

Use the repair parts list beginning on page 2 of this addendum for all other drive controller models to ATV66D46M2, and to ATV66C31N4).

For controllers like this, select repair parts from bulletin VD0C06S702, Service and Troubleshooting Manual (100350 hp, 125400 hp VT).

For controllers like these, select repair parts from the following Repair Parts List.
ALTIVAR 66 Adjustable Speed Drive Controllers Service and Troubleshooting Manual

Keypad Display Refer to the section "Identifying the Firmware Version" in Chapter 4 of bulletin VD0C06S304E and determine the firmware version of your drive controller.

For drive controllers with firmware level 3.0 and later
For drive controllers with firmware version earlier than 3.0
Order the control kit listed above that is appropriate for your drive controller.
Note Matched keypad display and control basket with latest firmware
[1] For units with a serial number starting with "6W", ATV66D23N4
or for units with a serial number starting with "86" ATV66D33N4
[2] For units with a serial number starting with "86" ATV66D64N4
for assistance in finding the serial number and ATV66C10N4 date code.
Includes IGBT block, rectifier diode, heatsink, and fan
VZ3IM2300M1202 2 IGBT blocks, 2 snubber boards, 2 gate VZ3IM2400M1202 driver boards, 1 clamp module
VZ3IM1400M1207 4 IGBT blocks, 2 snubber boards, 2 gate VZ3IM1500M1207 driver boards
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