G83-6104LPNEU-0 part details
CategoryComputer => Keyboard, Mice => Keyboards
TitleKeyboard; OfficeProducts; PS/2:LightGrey; 104Keys; G83-6104Series; NTKTechnology
CompanyCherry Americas LLC
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TypeLight Grey
Color, Housing
Number of KeysAbrasion-proof Inscription
Size1.75 m

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Features, Applications

Proven millions of times over! There's a reason why this keyboard has been one of the most reliable and successful on the market for many years, with more than 30 million satisfied users.

Layout: Compact size 104 position international key layout including

Keyboard: Key technology: NTK Service life, standard key: > 20 million key operations Operation characteristics: Soft pressure point Inscription technology: Laser Inscription layout: Normal Number of keys 104

Available in various country versions upon request. Special conditions apply

Packaging Unit: Number of products in the master package 65 Number of master packages per pallet 2

Errors, technical changes and delivery possibilities expected. Technical information refers only to the specifications of the products. Features may differ from the information provided.

Available in various country versions upon request.

The manufacturer accepts no liability for errors or non-availability, and reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. Technical data relates to product specifications only. Features may differ from those described. Only drawings combined with product specifications shall be deemed binding.

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