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TitleKeyboard, Usb Mini Multimedia, Querty
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Features, Applications
CiT 8118 Black USB MINI Multimedia Keyboard - KBCIT8118UB Manufacturers Code: KBCIT8118UB Features:

Direct access to Internet and Multimedia 9 Multimedia and Internet Hotkeys Ultra Slim Design Silent touch keyboard Specifications: Switch Travel Distance: 2.4 0.2mm Keystroke Force: 50 7g M.T.B.F.: 10,000,000 Keystrokes Operating Temperature (C): - +50 Operating Humidity: 90% RH Power: < 0.5W Current: < 30mA Dimensions W x H): x 11mm Compatible with: Windows 2003 / Vista and Linux* * Hotkeys not guaranteed to work within Linux

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