IC and discrete distributors stock parts begin by B Page 11

Part numbers letters list:0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
Parts from012345678910111213
From BTS712N21 to BTS735L2

From BTS735M to BTS7750P

From BTS7751 to BTS950(A)

From BTS950A to BTV24-600R

From BTV241200R to BTW30-600

From BTW30-600H to BTW45-1400RN

From BTW45-1600R to BTW66-200

From BTW66-200N to BTW79-200RU

From BTW79-400R to BTX82-600R

From BTX82-600RM to BTY91500

From BTY91800 to BU-1481-E-12-0

From BU-1481-E-12-2 to BU-31-0

From BU-31-2 to BU-5131-A-4-BLK

From BU-5144-A-4-0 to BU-61581G1-130

From BU-61581G1-140 to BU-61585V1-120

From BU-61585V1-130 to BU-61688

From BU-61688/89 to BU-65170S2-100

From BU-65170S2-110 to BU-65171V6-300

From BU-65178 to BU-P2970-2

From BU-P3264 to BU1006A-M3/45

From BU1006A-M3/51 to BU1210-FS

From BU1210-M3/45 to BU1427KVSMD

From BU1428KS to BU16018KV-E2

From BU16020KV to BU18704-A8

From BU18704-A9 to BU2029F-E2

From BU202Z to BU2099FV-ROHM

From BU209A to BU2292FV

From BU2292FV-E2 to BU240Z075CA

From BU240ZE to BU2461-0E

From BU2461-0G to BU2478-44-E2

From BU2478-46-E2 to BU24834B

From BU24834KT1 to BU2507DXD/C00

From BU2507DXD/C00 to BU2520DXORG

From BU2520DXT to BU2536AM

From BU25430-9A to BU271S

From BU272 to BU2837S

From BU2838 to BU2995-07FV-E2

From BU29977FS to BU3200A

From BU3202 to BU3451-0G

From BU3451-0G-E2 to BU3612F

From BU3613 to BU39245

From BU3940KRO to BU4052BCFV4052C

From BU4052BCFVE1 to BU4066CF

From BU4066CF-T1 to BU4094F-E2

From BU4094FE2 to BU4228

From BU4228F to BU4310G-TR

From BU4311F to BU4338FVE

From BU4338FVE-TR to BU4522DX

From BU4522KF to BU4812G

From BU4812G-RTR to BU4838F-TR

From BU4838FVE to BU4923G-TR

From BU4924F to BU4S01G2

From BU4S01G2--TR to BU5051Z

From BU5056DF to BU5148S

From BU5148S637145 to BU5807

From BU5807F to BU6082KU

From BU608D to BU61588G3-390

From BU61588P3 to BU640100V

From BU6401KV to BU6749KVT

From BU674K to BU7252F

From BU7252F-E2 to BU74HC08

From BU74HC08F to BU7868FS

From BU7870 to BU8241FE2

From BU8241FS to BU8764GS

From BU8766 to BU903F8740

From BU903PHI to BU9252S/F

From BU9253 to BU941

From BU941 to BU9534KU

From BU9534KV to BU97965CH-3BW

From BU9796FS to BUA74A

From BUA80A to BUD700D-H

From BUD700D-SMD to BUF04701A/IPW

From BUF04701AIDGS to BUF18830AIRGFR

From BUF18830AIRGFT to BUF634P/T

From BUF634P/T/U to BUH315A

From BUH315D to BUJ302A,127

From BUJ302AD,118 to BUK10750DL

From BUK10750DL to BUK135-50L,118

From BUK135-50L/T3 to BUK209-50Y,127

From BUK209-50Y127 to BUK2914-50Y

From BUK2938-50TYAA to BUK436-50A/B

From BUK436-50AB to BUK443-60A/B

From BUK443-60AB to BUK446-1000B

From BUK446-1500A to BUK454-800A,B

From BUK454-800A/B to BUK456-60A,B

From BUK456-60A/B/H to BUK472-50B

From BUK472-60 to BUK542-60B

From BUK542100 to BUK555-100A_B

From BUK555-100B to BUK575-50

From BUK575-50A to BUK653R3-30C

From BUK653R3-30C,127 to BUK7210-55B/C1118

From BUK7210-55B118 to BUK7507-55B

From BUK7507-55B,127 to BUK7528-55A

From BUK7528-55A,127 to BUK7608-55,118

From BUK7608-55/T3 to BUK7624-55A118

From BUK7624-55A118 to BUK7775-55A

From BUK7775-55A127 to BUK7E3R1-40E,127

From BUK7E3R5-60E,127 to BUK9207-30B/T3

From BUK9207-30B118 to BUK9506-55B,127

From BUK9506-55B127 to BUK9528

From BUK9528-100 to BUK9608-55A@118

From BUK9608-55B to BUK9624-55118

From BUK9624-55A to BUK9775-500

From BUK9775-55 to BUK9K25-40E

From BUK9K25-40EX to BUL128..

From BUL128;28 to BUL382D/C91

From BUL382D/C91 to BUL66B

From BUL67 to BULD38

From BULD38-1 to BUP304T

From BUP305 to BUR23

From BUR24 to BUS-63128II-883B

From BUS-63135 to BUS23C-S

From BUS23S to BUS61570190Q

From BUS61570870 to BUS65102-600

From BUS65102-600-883B to BUS97A

From BUS97AG to BUT11APX1200-01

From BUT11APX127 to BUT46A


From BUV26ST to BUV48CFI

From BUV48CI to BUW32A

From BUW32AOFI to BUX10P

From BUX10S to BUX44B

From BUX45 to BUX84/127

From BUX84/B to BUY28LNQFN

From BUY29 to BUYD2201

From BUYD2201-E2 to BUZ104SL-E3045A

From BUZ104SLE3045 to BUZ224

From BUZ22AL to BUZ357-01

From BUZ358 to BUZ72

From BUZ72(A)F to BUZ906D

From BUZ906DP to BV020-5429.0

From BV020-5430.0 to BV030-7193.0

From BV030-7194.0 to BV030-8171.0

From BV03031-501 to BV042-5334.0

From BV042-5337.0 to BV066-0143.0

From BV066-0144.0 to BV2630F

From BV2727AF to BV38702-20

From BV38702-21 to BVB0641RBG

From BVB0641RD(G) to BVEI4831259

From BVEI5411129 to BVS-166WT2

From BVS-301 to BVU-5M5TT4

From BVU-5M5UG4 to BW-192BW

From BW-192BW-DT to BW1184J2

From BW1185 to BW38-2G

From BW38-4G to BWC117

From BWC118 to BWH-330

From BWH-4.3 to BWR-15/275-D5

From BWR-15/275-D5A to BWR15500D5

From BWR15670D12A to BX0023

From BX0023/GY to BX2285C

From BX2285CT to BX3076

From BX310 to BX6010

From BX6011 to BX7721

From BX7808 to BX80528JK170GR

From BX80528JK170GR2 to BX80543KC1400GD

From BX80543KC1600G to BX805565110A

From BX805565110ASL9H7 to BX80574L5410PSLBBS

From BX80574L5420ASLARP to BX8750

From BX8800 to BXA200

From BXA200-48N05AR to BXA40-48S12-MJ

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