IC and discrete parts list from 5-AB5010-3_4-3R to 5-F9460PC-1_2

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Part numberStockD/CManufactureDescription
5-AB5010-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5010-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5010-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 19.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5020-120000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 25.4MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 38.10MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYMER RES 38.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5020-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 12.7MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 12.7MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5020-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 25.4MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5020-220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 50.8MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5020-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 19.1MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 19.1X50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5020-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 19.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5030-120000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 25.4MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 38.1MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYMER RES 38.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5030-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 12.7MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 12.7MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5030-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 25.4MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5030-220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 50.8MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5030-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 19.1MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 19.1X50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5030-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 19.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5050-120000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 25.4MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 38.1MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYMER RES 38.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5050-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 12.7MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 12.7MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5050-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 25.4MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5050-220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 50.8MM SQ 5/PK
5-AB5050-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYMER RESIN 19.1MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 19.1X50.8MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RES 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-AB5050-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET PLYMR RESIN 19.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-APR1000012; 2008; 2015ZilkerQFN
5-CN3190-120000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 25.4MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN3190-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN3190-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN3190-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTR 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN3190-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 38.1MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN3190-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 38.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN3190-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 12.7MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN3190-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN3190-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN3190-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTR 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN3190-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 12.7MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN3190-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 25.4MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN3190-220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 50.8MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN3190-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 50.8MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN3190-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 19.1MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN3190-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 19.1X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN3190-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN3190-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTR 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN3190-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 19.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN3490-120000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 25.4MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN3490-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN3490-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN3490-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN3490-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 38.1MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN3490-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 38.1MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-CN3490-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 12.7MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN3490-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN3490-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN3490-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN3490-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 12.7MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-CN3490-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 25.4MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-CN3490-220000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 50.8MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN3490-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 50.8MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-CN3490-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 19.1MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN3490-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 19.1X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN3490-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN3490-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN3490-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 19.1MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-CN4190-120000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 25.4MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN4190-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN4190-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN4190-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTR 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN4190-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 38.1MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN4190-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 38.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN4190-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 12.7MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN4190-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN4190-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN4190-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTR 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN4190-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 12.7MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN4190-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 25.4MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN4190-220000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 50.8MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN4190-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 50.8MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN4190-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE POLYESTER 19.1MM CIRC 5/PK
5-CN4190-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 19.1X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN4190-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN4190-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTR 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN4190-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET POLYESTER 19.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-CN4490-120000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 25.4MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN4490-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN4490-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN4490-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN4490-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 38.1MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN4490-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 38.1MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-CN4490-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 12.7MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN4490-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN4490-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN4490-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN4490-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 12.7MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-CN4490-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 25.4MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-CN4490-220000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 50.8MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN4490-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 50.8MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-CN4490-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE FABRIC 19.1MM CIRCULAR 5/PK
5-CN4490-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 19.1X50.8MM 5/PK
5-CN4490-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-CN4490-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-CN4490-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET FABRIC 19.1MM SQUARE 5/PK
5-DT-25892012; 2008
5-F9460PC-12226020143m (tc)3M F9460PC VHB 1 CIR - 5/PACK
5-F9460PC-1-2R2226020143m (tc)3M F9460PC VHB 1 X 2 5/PACK
5-F9460PC-1-3R2226020143m (tc)3M F9460PC VHB 1 X 3 5/PACK
5-F9460PC-1-4R2226020143m (tc)3M F9460PC VHB 1 X 4 5/PACK
5-F9460PC-1.52226020143m (tc)3M F9460PC VHB 1.5 CIR - 5/PACK
5-F9460PC-1.5S2226020143m (tc)3M F9460PC VHB 1.5 SQ - 5/PACK
5-F9460PC-1/22226020143m (tc)3M F9460PC VHB 1/2 CIR 5/PACK
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