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Part number
621853  12  -  -  
10000  2008  -  -  


Part information


Miniature size (3315.910.3 mm) Sealed construction for use in adverse environment-Sealed construction by epoxy resin and rubber cap greatly reduces possible miscontact due to contaminants such as dust. Conforming IP67* of IEC protective construction classification Elastomer double molding technology, an industry first and ultrasonic swaging technology contribute to uniform sealing in high production quantities UL/CSA/VDE/SEMKO approved * Based on the protective construction classification of IED, items which satisfy the test requirements are denoted with an IP designation.

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
ABV1216403 SNAP ACTING/LIMIT SWITCH, SPDT, MOMENTARY, 4.4mm, PANEL MOUNT. Specifications: Actuator Style: Lever Style, Roller Style ; Pole and Throw Specifications: Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT) ; Actuating Force: 2.12 oz (0.5900 N) ; Total Travel: 0.1732 inch (4.4 mm) ; Mechanical
Category: Electromechanical Components - Switches
IC Works (acquired by Cypress Semiconductor Corp.)
ABV1216413 - -


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