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Part number
492100  12  -  -  
492100  12  -  -  
460  0544  ATMEL  SOP20  
5000  13  Atmel  -  


Part information


The is a multi-chip PLL receiver device supplied an SO20 package. It has been specially developed for the demands of RF low-cost data transmission systems with low data rates from 1 kBaud to 10 kBaud (1 kBaud to 3.2 kBaud for FSK) in Manchester or Bi-phase code. The receiver is well suited to operate with Atmel Wireless & Microcontrollers' PLL RF transmitter U2741B. Its main applications are in the areas of telemetering, security technology and keyless-entry systems. It can be used in the frequency receiving range = 300 MHz to 450 MHz for ASK or FSK data transmission. All the statements

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
U3741BM UHF Remote Control Receiver
Category: Automotive - Drivers/Controllers
ATMEL Corporation
U3741BM-M2FL - -
U3741BM-M2FLG3 - -
U3741BM-M3FL - -
U3741BM-M3FLG3 - -
U3741BM-P2FL UHF ASK Receiver IC -
U3741BM-P2FLG3 - -
U3741BM-P3FL - -
U3741BM-P3FLG3 - -


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