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Part number
33550  2016  N/A  Original new  


Part information


Lock-release latching system Excellent High Frequency Performance to 3 GHz: VSWR of 1.3 max. to 6 GHz: VSWR of 1.5 max. Suits 50 ohms polyethylene foam insulated coaxial cable. The board-side connector is of the board cut-out type.


Rating Characteristic impedance: 50 ohms Rating frequency: to 6 GHz Operating temperature range: to +105oC Operating humidity: 90% max.

Specification Center: 30 m ohms Outside: 30 m ohms 100 M ohms min. 1.3 max. 1.5 max.
Withstanding voltage No flashover or insulation breakdown V.S.W.R.
Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
P05G-LR-PC 5.8 GHz Mobile Coaxial Connectors Hirose Electric


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