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Part number
158000  09  LUMILEDS  ROHS  
40000  2016  LUMILEDS  -  


Part information

LUXEONŽ K2 is the most robust and powerful LED available. With unprecedented thermal, drive current and light output capabilities, it offers the lighting industry leading lumens per package and the opportunity to create never before possible lighting solutions. LUXEON K2 is available in all colors including cool white, neutral white, warm white, blue, royal blue, green, cyan, red orange, red and amber.

Highest operating junction temperature available, 185°C Industry leading lumen perform ance, > 140--175 lumens in 6500K white Highest Drive Currents--1500 mA Lowest Thermal Resistance--

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
L2K2-MWN2-11-BQ00 the most Robust and Powerful LED Lumileds Lighting
L2K2-MWN2-11-BR00 - -
L2K2-MWN2-11-BS00 - -
L2K2-MWN4-11-BT00 - -
L2K2-MWN4-11-BU00 - -
L2K2-MWN4-11-BV00 - -


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