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Part number
10000  2008  -  -  
2036  -  SAMSUNG  TSOP  
1920  07  SAMSUNG  TSOP  
621853  12  -  -  
1650  -  -  -  


Part information

Version 0 (May, 1998) - First version for internal review Version 1998) - Added x4 organization Version 0.2(Sep,1998) 1. Added "Issue prcharge command for all banks of the device" as the fourth step of power-up squence. 2. In power down mode timing diagram, NOP condition is added to precharge power down exit. Version 0.3(Dec,1998) - Added QFC Function. - Added DC current value - Reduce I/O capacitance values Version 0.4(Feb,1999) -Added DDR SDRAM history for reference(refer to the following page) -Added low power version DC spec Version 0.5(Apr,1999) -Revised following first showing for JEDEC


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