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Part information

Wavelength-Selected High-Power D2587P-Type (with Wavelength Locker)/D2547P-Type Isolated DFB Laser Modules


Telecommunications: Dense WDM SONET/SDH OC-192/STM-64 Extended and ultralong reach Undersea systems Digital video


The D2587P-Type DFB laser module is designed for use with an external lithium niobate modulator and also in applications where high power (20 mW) is required. The use of an internal wavelength locker greatly enhances long-term reliability and reduces chirp and mode dispersion when used in conjunction with LN modulators

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
D2547P20 Wavelength-selected High-power D2587P-Type (with Wavelength Locker) / D2547P-Type ISOlated DFB Laser Module Agere Systems
D2547P21 - -
D2547P22 - -
D2547P23 - -
D2547P24 - -
D2547P25 - -
D2547P26 - -
D2547P27 - -
D2547P28 - -
D2547P29 - -


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