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Part number
74841  12  -  -  
2398  -  -  -  
10000  2008  -  -  


Part information

Center slot polarization designed to prevent misinsertions and reduce insertion time Dual slot polarization means broader compatibility with competitive polarization designs (not or 10 pos.) Optional retainer clip for locking sockets in place and increasing connection reliability in vibrationprone environments High temperature insulator suitable for "no lead" soldering operations High temperature insulator in through-hole version suitable for "paste in hole" reflow soldering Exposed solder tails (on right angle version) are designed to provide ease of cleaning and help reduce repair

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
D2540-6V0C-AR-WG Headers & Wire Housings 40P 4-WALL HEADER VERTICAL SMT 10U AU. The 3M four-wall Box Header 2500 / D2500 has a .100" x .100" low profile, space saving design, and is available in surface mount and through-hole versions. The 3M four-wall Box Header 2500 / D2500 is designed
Category: Interconnects - Rectangular Connectors


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