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13865  -  KEMET  -  
80500  12  -  -  


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X5R, Z5U and Y5V Dielectrics and 200 Volts Standard End Metalization: Tin-plate over nickel barrier Available Capacitance Tolerances: 0.10 pF; 0.25 pF; 0.5 pF; and +80%-20%

Tape and reel packaging per EIA481-1. (See page 61 for specific tape and reel information.) Bulk Cassette packaging 0603, 0805 only) per IEC60286-6 and EIAJ 7201.

CERAMIC SIZE CODE SPECIFICATION C - Standard CAPACITANCE CODE Expressed in Picofarads (pF) First two digits represent significant figures. Third digit specifies number of zeros. (Use 9 for 1.0 through 9.9pF. Use 8 for 0.5 through


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