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Part number
58920  12  -  -  


Part information

81M-156-NB-A, 82M-156-NB-A, Male Snap Plug, Nylon Insulated with Insulation Grip

Wire Size: Barrel Seam: Maximum Voltage Rating: Maximum Operating Temp: Maximum Current: Insulator Material Terminal Material: Terminal Plating:

See Table Above Butted with Insulation Grip 300 V Building Wire 221F (105C) Same as Wire Nylon Brass Tin

Strip away the end 3/8 inch of wire insulation. Make the crimp in the proper station of a recommended 3MTM ScotchlokTM Crimp Tool: TH-440, TH-450.

Barrel Crimp (Electrical) Insulation Crimp (Mechanical)


Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
81M-156-NB-A BRASS, TIN FINISH, WIRE TERMINAL. Specifications: Terminal Type: Wire Connector ; Material: BRASS ; North American: 18 AWG
Category: Wire, Connectors and Interconnects - Electrical Connectors


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