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Part number
501000  -  -  -  
97126  2014  Littelfuse Inc  FUSE 32V FA PT 3AG 12A  
10000  -  -  -  


Part information

Description The 3AG Fast-Acting Fuse solves a broad range of application requirements while offering reliable performance and cost-effective circuit protection. Features t *OBDDPSEBODFXJUI6- Standard 248-14 t "WBJMBCMFJODBSUSJEHF and axial lead format and with various forming dimensions Agency Approvals

Applications Used as supplementary protection in appliance or utilization equipment to provide individual protection for components or internal circuits. Electrical Characteristics for Series

% of Ampere Rating 100% 135% Ampere Rating 30A 35A Opening Time 4 hours, Minimum

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
0318012.HXP FAST BLOW ELECTRIC FUSE, 12A, 32VAC, 300A (IR), THROUGH HOLE. Specifications: Mounting: Solderable (with leads) ; Rated Voltage: 32 volts ; Rated Current: 12 amps ; Rated Breaking Capacity: 300 amps ; Approvals / Standards: RoHS ; Features: Fast Acting ; Operating
Category: Circuit Protection Devices - Fuses


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