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DescriptionImage Sensor in 24 Ceramic LCC Glass Lidded Package
CompanySilicon Video, Inc
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Features, Applications

SLIS 2048 High Speed x 1 Line Scan Image Sensor

High resolution o 2048 pixels 14,336 m imaging area 7 m pixel 7 m pixel pitch o Fill factor >99% High speed o Single-port High Speed Video o 27K lines/s 36.5 s line time at 60MHz pixel rate High sensitivity and dynamic range o 5 V/electron o 2.0-volt full scale range 63 dB dynamic range Multiple operating modes o Normal mode o Non-Destructive Readout mode o Adaptive Exposure mode Ease of application o 5.0-volt supply voltage o Interfaces or 5V logic o Digital I/O is CMOS/TTL compatible o Video output is HI-Z when imager is in DISABLE mode. o Integrated timing controller single 2X master clock Integration control signal simple mode bits


The SLIS-2048 linear image sensor features an array of low dark current photo-diode pixels with performance comparable to that of most CCD's. The device includes full frame electronic shuttering, allowing simultaneous readout and integration for the highest possible frame rate at a given clock frequency. A variety of readout modes are provided to give exceptional application versatility. A key feature over traditional CCD technology is that the device can be read and reread non-destructively, allowing the user to maximize signal to noise ratio and dynamic range (available in Non-destructive Read-Out mode). Operation is simplified by on-chip logic, which requires only a clock running at two times the desired pixel read rate, and a pulse to initiate read-out. Very high throughput is possible as the imager features a high speed analog video bus to handle all 2K pixels, operating at 60 MHz pixel rate. When operating at maximum line rate, this corresponds to an instantaneous data rate 60M-Pixel / sec and an average data rate 56M-Pixel / sec. The SLIS-2048 is supplied in a ceramic leadless chip carrier package (LCC). This device is covered under U.S. Patent No. 6,084,229 and other patents pending.


Pixel Type Array Size Pixel Size / Pitch Fill Factor Imaging Area Pixel Readout Order Photo-diode 7.0 m pitch >99% Imaging sub-array: 14.336 mm

Table 2. Electro-Optical Specifications Unless otherwise specified: TAmbient = 25C, AVDD = DVDD = 5 volts, CLK @ 50% duty cycle, ZLOAD = 1.0K, Color temperature = 3000K Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units Supply Voltage, Analog AVDD 5.00 5.25 Volts Supply Voltage, Digital DVDD 5.00 5.25 Volts Supply Voltage, I/O Bias IOL 3.15 5.25 Volts Supply Current, Analog mA [1] Supply Current, Digital 100 mA Power Dissipation PW Normal mode 1.15 Watts [2] Power Dissipation PWS Disable mode 500 mW Logic Input, High VIH 3.3 Volts Logic Input, Low VIL 0.8 Volts Frequency, Master Clock FCLK 120 MHz Video Output VO At Dark 3.0 Volts Video Output VO At Saturation 4.9 Volts Reference Output NO 2.5 Volts Output Voltage, at dark VDARK NO 0.0 Volts Output Voltage Swing, Full VFS NO 2.4 Volts [3] Scale [4] Noise, random en 0.9 mVrms Noise, random 180 e rms [5] Dynamic Range DB [6] Average Dark Signal ADS 0.07 %FS [7] Fixed Pattern Noise FPN 2.5 %FS MTF = 40 lp/mm 30 % Modulation Transfer [8] MCLK = 120MHz Function [9] Nonlinearity NL 15 mVrms Conversion Gain GC 5 V/e Full Well Capacity 480K e Quantum Efficiency = 600nm Image Lag IL 1.0 %FS Spectral Response 1100 nm Notes:

Lower clock speeds will result in lower DVDD power dissipation. In DISABLE mode, core analog circuitry remains active. VFS VSAT - VDARK, where VSAT is the output voltage at saturation and VDARK is the output voltage in the dark. The output voltage is defined as the difference between VO and NO. FS Full Scale. Temporal noise, en measured at dark w/30MHz video filter applied. Vrmse is equivalent to one sigma of standard deviation. Vrmse of N samples is calculated as:

DR VFS en , measured at dark ADS measured over an integration period of 10ms. Defined as a percentage of Full Scale. Fixed pattern noise measured NO in the dark Measured using PR-10 Multiburst pattern on TV Optoliner. Tint = 1.1msec. Color temperature = 3000K. Nyquist for this imager is 71.4 lp/mm. Pixel average measured from 75% of saturation, linearity error reported as RMS deviation of response to `best fit' straight line. Typical error corresponds to a linearity 99.4% of FSR.


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