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TitlePhotoMOS Relays
DescriptionVL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.12A ;; On-resistance = 18ohm ;; Package = DIP8
CompanyNAiS Automation Controls
DatasheetDownload AQW210EH datasheet
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Features, Applications

General use and economy type. DIP (2 Form A) 8-pin type. Reinforced insulation 5,000V type. FEATURES

5. High sensitivity, high speed response. Can control a maximum 0.14 A load current with 5 mA input current. Fast operation speed 0.5 ms (typical). (AQW210EH) 6. Low-level off state leakage current

1. Reinforced insulation 5,000 V type More than 0.4 mm internal insulation distance between inputs and outputs. Con-forms EN41003, EN60950 (reinforced insulation). 2. Compact 8-pin DIP size The device comes in a compact mm (W).252(L).388(H).126 inch, 8-pin DIP size (through hole terminal type). 3. Applicable for 2 Form A use as well as two independent 1 Form A use 4. Controls low-level analog signals PhotoMOS relays feature extremely low closed-circuit offset voltage to enable control of low-level analog signals without distortion.

Modem Telephone equipment Security equipment Sensors

Part No. Output rating* Type I/O isolation voltage Load voltage 600 V Load current 40 mA Through hole terminal Tube packing style AQW214EHA AQW216EHA Surface-mount terminal Tape and reel packing style Picked from the Picked from the 1/2/3/4-pin side 5/6/7/8-pin side AQW216EHAX AQW216EHAZ Packing quantity

Tube 1 tube contains 40 pcs. 1 batch contains 400 pcs.

*Indicate the peak AC and DC values. Note: For space reasons, the SMD terminal shape indicator "A" and the package type indicator "X" and "Z" are omitted from the seal.

Item LED forward current LED reverse voltage Input Peak forward current Power dissipation Load voltage (peak AC) Continuous load current (peak AC) Peak load current Power dissipation Total power dissipation I/O isolation voltage Temperature limits Operating Storage Symbol IF VR IFP Pin VL IL Ipeak Pout PT Viso Topr Tstg to +212F Non-condensing at low temperatures 0.15 A Peak AC, ( in case of using only 1 channel ms (1 shot), VL= DC AQW216EH(A) Remarks

Item LED operate current Input LED turn off current LED dropout voltage On resistance Output Off state leakage current Turn on time* Turn off time* I/O capacitance Maximum Typical Maximum Typical Maximum Typical Maximum ILeak Ton Toff Ciso Riso 1.5pF 1,000M Typical Maximum Minimum Typical Maximum Typical Ron Symbol AQW212EH(A) IFon IFoff 35 AQW216EH(A) Condition IL=Max. 35 IF=5mA IL=Max. Within s on time IF=0mA VL=Max. IF=5mA IL=Max. IF=5mA IL=Max. 500V DC For type of connection, see page 35.

I For Dimensions, see Page 29. I For Schematic and Wiring Diagrams, see Page 35. I For Cautions for Use, see Page 38.

AQW210EH AQW214EH (using only 1 channel) (using only 1 channel) 150

Measured portion: between terminals 5 and 6, 7 and 8; LED current: 5 mA; Load voltage: Max. (DC); Continuous load current: Max. (DC)

Sample: All types LED current: 5 mA; Load voltage: Max. (DC); Continuous load current: Max. (DC)
Sample: All types; Load voltage: Max. (DC); Continuous load current: Max. (DC)
Measured portion: between terminals 5 and 6, 7 and 8; Ambient temperature: 25C 77F
Measured portion: between terminals 3 and 4; Ambient temperature: 25C 77F
9-(1). Off state leakage current vs. load voltage characteristics


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AQW210EHA VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.12A ;; On-resistance = 18ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW210HL VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.1A ;; On-resistance = 20ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW210S VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.1A ;; On-resistance = 16ohm ;; Package = SOP8
AQW210T2S VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.12A ;; On-resistance = 16ohm ;; Package = SOP12
AQW212 VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.12A ;; On-resistance = 23ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW212EH VL Max. = 60V ;; Il Max. = 0.5A ;; On-resistance = 2.50ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW214 VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.12A ;; On-resistance = 23ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW214EH VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.12A ;; On-resistance = 18ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW214S VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.1A ;; On-resistance = 16ohm ;; Package = SOP8
AQW215 VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.12A ;; On-resistance = 23ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW216EH VL Max. = 600V ;; Il Max. = 0.04A ;; On-resistance = 120ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW217 VL Max. = 350V ;; Il Max. = 0.12A ;; On-resistance = 23ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW224N VL Max. = 400V ;; Il Max. = 0.04A ;; On-resistance = 70ohm ;; Package = DIP8
AQW225N VL Max. = 80V ;; Il Max. = 0.12A ;; On-resistance = 7ohm ;; Package = DIP8

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AP73T02GH-HF : 57 A, 25 V, 0.009 ohm, N-CHANNEL, Si, POWER, MOSFET, TO-252. s: Polarity: N-Channel ; MOSFET Operating Mode: Enhancement ; V(BR)DSS: 25 volts ; rDS(on): 0.0090 ohms ; Package Type: HALOGEN FREE AND ROHS COMPLIANT PACKAGE-3 ; Number of units in IC: 1.

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