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DescriptionDescription = Diode Limiter (receiver Protectors) ;; Freq. Range = 0.1-18 GHZ
CompanyMCE KDI Integrated Products
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The se r ies high speed Diode Limiters (receiver protectors) are used at the input of sensiti v e recei v ers in order to protect them against accidental b urnout caused b y high levels CW or pulsed o p wer. Most mo dels areb uilt i n "air free" solid dielect r ic str iplin e, and can there f ore handle high values of high p o wer.

Frequen c y Rang e: RF Impedance: Environment: Operatin g Temperature: Connecto to 18.0 GHz 50 Ohms 5 C SMA

1. See Figure 1f or limited definition. 2. Limiters having higher peak and a verage p o wer capacity can be supplied. 3. Peak p o wer specified 10 s pulse widthf or frequencies to 2 GHz and 1s for frequencies above 2 GHz. If a narr ow frequency bandwidth is required KDI/ T riangle can supply a unit that is elect r ically optimized f or that bandwidth. Mechanical dimensions will remain the same as the standard unit, and the price will gene r ally be lo wer. Specify the frequency r ange when orde r ing a narrow bandwidth model and a special r t number will be assigned. 5. To insure full limiting the applied p o wer shoulde xceed 100 w atts peak 30% of the maxi m um peak p o wer rating.

Outline A in [mm] B in [mm] C in [mm] D in [mm] E in [mm] F in [mm]

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AM82731-050 : S-Band Radar Transistors. S-band Radar Applications RF & Microwave Transistors.

CHA1077-99F : Operational Frequency = 76-77GHz ;; Noise Figure = 4.5dB ;; Gain = 15dB ;; Gain Flatness = 0.5dB ;; Gain Control Range = - ;; P-1dB = 8dBm ;; Case = Die.

FLC157XP : FET. High Output Power: = 31.5dBm (Typ.) High Gain: = 6.0dB(Typ.) High PAE: add = 29.5%(Typ.) Proven Reliability The FLC157XP chip is a power GaAs FET that is designed for general purpose applications in the C-Band frequency range as it provides superior power, gain, and efficiency. Fujitsu's stringent Quality Assurance Program assures the highest reliability.

HMC344 : SP4T. Broadband Performance: - 8.0 GHz Low Insertion Loss: @ 6.0 GHz Integrated 2:4 TTL Decoder Small Size: 0.10 mm Typical Applications The HMC344 is ideal for: Telecom Infrastructure Microwave Radio & VSAT Military & Space Test Instrumentation The is a broadband non-reflective GaAs MESFET SP4T switch chip. Covering to 8.0 GHz, this switch offers high isolation.

IP1843 : Current Mode Regulating Pulse Width Modulators. CURRENT MODE REGULATING PULSE WIDTH MODULATORS Guaranteed 1% reference voltage tolerance Guaranteed 10% frequency tolerance Low startup current (<500 mA) Under voltage lockout with hysteresis Output state completely defined for all supply and input conditions Interchangeable with UC1842 and UC1843 series for improved operation 500kHz operation.

MA4M1050 : Capacitors.  MNS Microwave Chip Capacitor. Excellent Repeatability (Wafer-to-Wafer and Lot-to-Lot) Small Size Low Loss, High Q Available with Round or Square Bonding Pads M/A-COM's MA4M series of MNS (metal-nitride-silicon) silicon chip capacitors is designed specifically for high reliability and repeatable performance in microwave circuit applications. These capacitors are made using a low pressure.

MACPES0034 :  E-Series SMT Low Cost 75 Ohm 10 DB Coupler 5 - 1000 MHZ. Coupling +10db Typical Surface Mount Low Profile Excellent Return Loss Tape & Reel Packaging available M/A-COM's is a high performance 75 Ohm Coupler, a SM-138 low cost, surface mount package. The MACPES0034 is designed for use in high volume CATV applications. Typical applications include Settop Boxes, Network Interface Units, Line Amplifiers and Headend.

MCP450 : 13.56 MHZ Read/write Passive Rfid Device. Contactless read and write with anti-collision algorithm 1024 bits (32 blocks) of total memory 928 bits (29 blocks) of user programmable memory Unique 32-bit tag ID (factory programmed) 32 bits for data and 16 bits for CRC per block Block write protection 70 Kbit/s read data rate (Manchester format) Special bit (Fast Read) for fast identification and anti-counterfeit.

MRF18090A : Power. MRF18090A, MRF18090AS 1.80-1.88 Ghz, 90 W, 26 V Lateral N-channel RF Power MOSFETs.

SLX-2143 : 1700-2200 MHZ High Linearity Low Noise Amplifier Module. The Sirenza Microdevices' is a low noise amplifier module operating in the - 2200 MHz frequency band. This device has been optimized to serve high linearity base station applications where a high intercept point is required with low noise figure. The SLX-2143 uses PHEMT device technology, internal bias circuitry, and proven ceramic module technology.

CSPEMI205 : The CSPEMI205 is a low-pass filter array integrating three pi-style filters (C-R-C) that reduce EMI/RFI emissions while at the same time providing ESD protection. This device is custom-designed to interface with the headset port on a cellular telephone, and contains two different filter values. Each high quality filter provides more than 30dB attenuation.

HMC-C034 : The HMC-C034 is a x2 active broadband frequency multiplier utilizing GaAs PHEMT technology in a miniature hermetic module. When driven by a 3 dBm signal, the multiplier provides +13 dBm typical output power from 32 to 46 GHz. The Fo isolation is >30 dBc with respect to output signal level. This frequency multiplier DC blocked I/Os, and is ideal.

BGD712C : 750 MHz, 18.5 dB gain power doubler amplifier Hybrid high dynamic range amplifier module in SOT115J package operating at a supply voltage of 24 V (DC)..

PE4150 : UltraCMOS? Low Frequency Passive Mixer With Integrated LO Amplifier The PE4150 is an ultra-high linearity Quad MOSFET mixer with an integrated LO amplifier. The LO amplifier allows for LO drive levels of less than 0dBm to produce IIP3 values similar to a Quad MOSFET Array driven with a 15dBm LO drive. The PE4150 operates with differential signals at the RF and IF ports.

HMC-C075 : Two Stage Power Amplifier Module, 10 MHz - 6 GHz The HMC-C075 is a Two Stage Power Amplifier module which operates between 10 MHz and 6 GHz. The amplifier provides 24 dB of gain, +42 dBm output IP3 and +29 dBm of output power at 1 dB gain compression while consuming only 740 mA from a +15V supply. Gain flatness is excellent at 0.75 dB from 10 MHz - 6 GHz making.

ADL5513S : Aerospace 1 MHz To 4 GHz, 80 DB Logarithmic Detector/Controller The ADL5513 is a demodulating logarithmic amplifier, capable of accurately converting an RF input signal to a corresponding decibel-scaled output. It employs the progressive compression technique over a cascaded amplifier chain, each stage of which is equipped with a detector cell. The device.

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