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CategoryPower Management => Motor Controller/Drivers
DescriptionThe CMI8800 is a Spindle Motor Controller/driver ic Designed For Dvd/cd-rom And Player And Video CD Applications.
CompanyCapella Microsystems
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CMI8800 Single/Three Phase Spindle Motor Controller/Driver IC For DVD/CD-ROM PRELIMINARY DATA SHEET

This preliminary data sheet indicates that this product is still in the design cycle. All specifications are based on design goals only. Capella Microsystems Inc. assumes no responsibility for the use of this product. Capella Microsystems Inc. reserves the right to make changes in specifications or discontinue this product at any time without notice. Please contact Capella Microsystems Inc. for possible updates before starting a design. Capella Microsystems Inc. products are not designed for use in life support applications. Any parties who use these products in such applications so at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify Capella Microsystems Inc. for any damages resulting from such improper usage or sale.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The is a spindle motor controller/ driver IC designed for DVD/CD-ROM and Video CD (VCD) applications. This chip can be used to control/drive single phase spindle motors (see Page 20, Figure 17 for the CMI8800 Application example) as well as conventional three phase spindle motors. It contains all of the necessary functional blocks such as the hall bias generator, hall amplifier, current limit amplifier, thermal shutdown, antireverse protection, short brake, H-bridge power driver and other functional blocks required for motor controller/driver ICs (see Page 4, Figure 2 for the CMI8800 Simplified Block Diagram). FEATURES Brushless DC motor controller/driver IC dedicated for DVD/CD-ROM and Video-CD (VCD) spindle motor applications Can drive both single phase spindle motors as well as conventional three phase spindle motors Built-in hall bias generator and hall amplifiers for easy interface with hall sensor devices Built-in sleep or start/stop mode to put the chip and motor into sleep mode for power saving

Built-in current limit amplifier to limit the maximum allowed current into the motor coil Built-in thermal shutdown for overheat protection Built-in torque control to setup the motor's torque according to the control voltage applied to the EC and ECR pins Built-in anti-reverse protection circuitry to prevent the motor from going into the opposite (reverse) rotation direction in the constant linear velocity (CLV) operating mode (used when the rotation speed is decreased from the inner track to the outer track) Built-in frequency generator (FG) output as well as rotation detect (FR) output circuitry Built-in short brake circuitry to short all of the motor coils and stop the motor quickly Compatible with 3.3V digital signal processor (DSP) interface

Description Symbol Value Power Supply for Internal Core VCCI 7 Power Supply for Motor Driver VCCM1/VCCM2 16 Maximum Power Dissipation Pd 1700* Storage Temperature Tstg ~ 150 Operating Temperature Topr ~ 75 Maximum Output Current Iout 1300 Hall Bias Current IHB * 13.6mW/°C Derating for Operating Temperature > 25°C (see Page 19, Figure 16 for the Derating Curve) (Ta 25° C) Unit °C mA

Description Power Supply for Internal Core Power Supply for Motor Driver Symbol VCCI VCCM1/VCCM2 Value Unit V CONFIDENTIAL


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