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DESCRIPTION The ZXRD1000 series provides complete control and protection functions for a high efficiency 95%) DC-DC converter solution. The choice of external MOSFETs allow the designer to size devices according to application. The ZXRD1000 series uses advanced DC-DC converter techniques to provide synchronous drive capability, using innovative circuits that allow easy and cost effective implementation of shoot through protection. The FEATURES > 95% Efficiency Fixed frequency (adjustable) PWM Voltage mode to ensure excellent stability & transient response Low quiescent current in shutdown mode,15A Low battery flag Output down to 2.0V Overload protection Demonstration boards available Synchronous or non-synchronous operation Cost effective solution or P channel MOSFETs QSOP16 package ZXRD1000 series can be used with an all N channel topology or a combination & P channel topology. Additional functionality includes shutdown control, a user adjustable low battery flag and simple adjustment of the fixed PWM switching frequency. The controller is available with fixed outputs or 3.3V and an adjustable to 12V) output.

Fixed 3.3, 5V and adjustable outputs Programmable soft start

APPLICATIONS High efficiency to 3.3V converters to 4A Sub-notebook computers Embedded processor power supply Distributed power supply Portable instruments Local on card conversion GPS systems

Input without bootstrap (P suffix) Input with bootstrap(N suffix) Bootstrap voltage 20V Shutdown pin VIN LBSET pin VIN 20V 10V RSENSE+, RSENSE Power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature VIN 610mW (Note to +125C


Symbol V IN(min) V FB (Note 1) Parameter Min. Operating Voltage Feedback Voltage Conditions No Output Device IN <18V Gate Output Drive Capability =4.5V to maximim supply (Note =5V V SHDN =5V N Channel P Channel to +85C Active Low to +85C Low(off) High(on) V A Min Typ Max Unit ns

Operating frequency range Frequency with timing capacitor 3 =330pF Oscillator Tol. Max Duty Cycle R SENSE voltage differential Low Battery Flag set voltage Low Battery Flag output Low Battery Flag Hysteresis Low Battery Flag Sink Current Shutdown Threshold Voltage Shutdown Pin Source Current

Note 1. VFB has a different function between fixed and adjustable controller options. Note 2200pF is the maximum recommended gate capacitance. Note 3. Maximum supply for P phase controllers is 18V,maximum supply for N phase controllers is 10V. Note 4. See VIN derating graph in Typical Characteristics. Note 5. The maximum frequency in this application is 300kHz. For higher frequency operation contact Zetex Applications Department.


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