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CategoryTiming Circuits => Oscillators => TCXO (Temperature Controlled Oscillators)
DescriptionFrequency Range = 0.5MHz - 160MHz ;; Output Logic = TTL Hcmos Pecl Sine ;; Package = 29.21 X 25.4 X 10.03 True SMD ;; Features = Stratum 3 Option, Complementary Pecl Output
CompanyVectron International
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Features, Applications

Frequency from to 160 MHz Stability as tight as 0.28 ppm Aging to <3.5 ppm for ten years Package: ) 3.3 Vdc or 5 Vdc operation All outputs available (TTL, HCMOS, PECL, SINEWAVE)

Stratum 3 Applications SONET/SDH Network Timing Sources DWDM / FDM / ATM Wireless Communications VSAT, LMDS, WLL

Vectron International has introduced a series of surface mount, Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO s) available in frequencies from to 160 MHz. Model Z5 surface mount TCXO s can be mounted using the standard convection reflow process. The units can meet the 0.37 ppm Holdover requirement +70 C temperature range and operate from or 5V supply. Current drain to lower than mA is available upon request. Aging <3.5 ppm for ten years. Phase noise is -115 dBc/Hz 100 Hz and -155 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz. These units are ideal for Stratum 3 applications. For additional Stratum 3 solutions please visit our website at:

MHz, Available from 0.5 MHz to 160 MHz 1.00x 0.395 Vdc = 3.3 Vdc 5% Current draw will vary greatly depending on frequency and output type. For this series TCXO typical current draw will be about 15 mA and depending on output type may be less than 2 mA. Please consult the factory about your exact current requirements. HCMOS / ACMOS 10 TTL Complementary PECL 0 dBm / 50 ohm over to 160 MHz 160 MHz 160 MHz 100 MHz (See page 3)

Note: Other stability options are available. Contact the factory for assistance.

x 10-6 for all causes & 10 years x 10-7 for all causes and 24 Hours (Available in Temperature Ranges & C)

Stability vs Supply: Aging (typical): Electrical Frequency Adjust: Phase Noise (Typical): 10 MHz

0.1 ppm for a 5% change in Supply Voltage <3.5 ppm for ten years 5 ppm minimum via external voltage, 0 to Vdd Offset 100k Hz Phase Noise -115 dBc/Hz -145 dBc/Hz -150 dBc/Hz -155 dBc/Hz

For HCMOS / ACMOS / TTL & PECL outputs with frequencies above 35 MHz a low phase noise PLL multiplier may be used. Please inform that factory of your phase noise requirements.


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