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DescriptionHigh-speed Fully-differential Amplifiers
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Fully Differential Architecture Bandwidth: 370 MHz Slew Rate: 2800 V/s IMD3: -95 dBc at 30 MHz OIP3: 51 dBm at 30 MHz Output Common-Mode Control Wide Power Supply Voltage Range: 15 V

APPLICATIONS D High Linearity Analog-to-Digital Converter D Differential Line Driver D Active Filtering of Differential Signals

Preamplifier Wireless Communication Receiver Chains Single-Ended to Differential Conversion

D Centered Input Common-Mode Range D Power-Down Capability (THS4502) D Evaluation Module Available DESCRIPTION

The THS4502 and THS4503 are high-performance fully differential amplifiers from Texas Instruments. The THS4502, featuring power-down capability, and the THS4503, without power-down capability, set new performance standards for fully differential amplifiers with unsurpassed linearity, supporting 14-bit operation through 40 MHz. Package options include the 8-pin SOIC and the 8-pin MSOP with PowerPAD for a smaller footprint, enhanced ac performance, and improved thermal dissipation capability.

THS4140/1 THS4150/1 DESCRIPTION 370 MHz, 2800 V/s, VICR Includes VS- 370 MHz, 2800 V/s, Centered VICR V, 100 MHz, 43 V/s, 3.7 nVHz V, 150 MHz, 51 V/s, 1.3 nVHz V, 160 MHz, 450 V/s, 6.5 nVHz V, 150 MHz, 650 V/s, 7.6 nVHz

(1) Even numbered devices feature power-down capability

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. PowerPAD is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED this document contains PRODUCTION DATA information current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.

over operating free-air temperature range unless otherwise noted(1) UNIT

Supply voltage, VS Input voltage, VI Output current, IO (2) Differential input voltage, VID Continuous power dissipation Maximum junction temperature, TJ (3) Maximum junction temperature, continuous operation, long term reliability TJ (4) Operating free-air temperature range, TA C suffix I suffix

This integrated circuit can be damaged by ESD. Texas Instruments recommends that all integrated circuits be handled with appropriate precautions. Failure to observe proper handling and installation procedures can cause damage. ESD damage can range from subtle performance degradation to complete device failure. Precision integrated circuits may be more susceptible to damage because very small parametric changes could cause the device not to meet its published specifications.

PACKAGE D (8 pin) DGN (8 pin) DGK (8 pin) JC (C/W) 54.2 JA(1) (C/W) 58.4 260 POWER 685 mW
Lead temperature mm (1/16 inch) from case for 10 seconds HBM ESD ratings:

mW (1) This data was taken using the JEDEC standard High-K test PCB. (2) Power rating is determined with a junction temperature of 125C. This is the point where distortion starts to substantially increase. Thermal management of the final PCB should strive to keep the junction temperature at or below 125C for best performance and long term reliability.

MIN Dual supply Supply voltage Operating freeair temperature, TA Single supply C suffix I suffix 0 -40 NOM 5 5 MAX C UNIT V

Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent damage. Exposure to absolute maximum conditions for extended periods may degrade device reliability. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those specified is not implied. (2) The THS450x may incorporate a PowerPAD on the underside of the chip. This acts as a heatsink and must be connected to a thermally dissipative plane for proper power dissipation. Failure do so may result in exceeding the maximum junction temperature which could permanently damage the device. See TI technical brief SLMA002 for more information about utilizing the PowerPAD thermally enhanced package. (3) The absolute maximum temperature under any condition is limited by the constraints of the silicon process. (4) The maximum junction temperature for continuous operation is limited by package constraints. Operation above this temperature may result in reduced reliability and/or lifetime of the device.


ASY (1) All packages are available taped and reeled. The R suffix standard quantity is 2500. The T suffix standard quantity is 250 (e.g., THS4502DT).

= +1, Single-ended input unless otherwise noted. THS4502 AND THS4503 PARAMETER TEST CONDITIONS TYP 25C AC PERFORMANCE = +1, PIN= -20 dBm, = 392 Small-signal bandwidth = +2, PIN= -30 dBm, Rf +5, PIN= -30 dBm, = +10, PIN = -30 dBm, 1.3 k Gain-bandwidth product Bandwidth for 0.1dB flatness Large-signal bandwidth Slew rate Rise time Fall time Settling time 0.01% 0.1% Harmonic distortion 2nd harmonic 3rd harmonic Third-order intermodulation distortion Third-order output intercept point Input voltage noise Input current noise Overdrive recovery time DC PERFORMANCE Open-loop voltage gain Input offset voltage Average offset voltage drift Input bias current Average bias current drift Input offset current dB mV V/C A nA/C A Min Max Typ Max Typ Max > +10 PIN = -20 dBm VP VPP Step 2 VPP Step 2 VPP Step = 4 VPP = 4 VPP = 2 VPP = 8 MHz = 30 MHz = 8 MHz = 30 MHz = 30 MHz, Rf kHz tone spacing = 30 MHz, 392 , Referenced > 1 MHz > 100 kHz Overdrive 5.5 V dBc dBm nV/Hz pA/Hz ns MHz V/s ns Typ 25C OVER TEMPERATURE to 85C UNITS MIN/ TYP/ MAX


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