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DescriptionNicd or Nimh Gas Gauge Module
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Complete bq2010 Gas Gauge solution for NiCd or NiMH battery packs Battery information available over a single-wire bidirectional serial port Battery state-of-charge monitoring for to 12-cell series applications On-board regulator allows direct connection to the battery "L" version includes push-button activated LEDs to display state-of-charge information Nominal capacity and cell chemistry pre-configured Compact size for battery pack integration A module development kit is also available for the bq2110. The or bq2110LB-KT includes one configured module and the following: 2) An interface board that allows connection to the serial port of an AT-compatible computer. Menu-driven software with the bq2110 to display charge/discharge activity and to allow user interface to the bq2010 from any standard DOS PC. Source code for the TSR.

The bq2110 Gas Gauge Module provides a complete and compact solution for capacity monitoring of NiCd and NiMH battery packs. Designed for battery pack integration, the bq2110 incorporates a bq2010 Gas Gauge IC, a current sense resistor, and all other components necessary to accurately monitor and display the capacity to 12 series cells. The bq2110L includes six surfacemounted LEDs to display remaining capacity in 20% increments of the learned capacity (relative mode) or programmed capacity (absolute mode). The sixth LED is used in absolute mode to represent an overfull condition (charge above the programmed capacity). The LEDs are activated with the onboard push-button switch. Contacts are provided on the bq2110 for direct connection to the battery stack (BAT+, BAT-), the serial communications port (DQ), and the empty indicator (EMPTY). Please refer to the bq2010 data sheet for the specifics on the operation of the Gas Gauge. Unitrode configures the bq2110 based on the information requested in Table 1. The configuration defines the number of series cells, the nominal battery pack capacity, the self-discharge rate, and the LED display mode.

P6 P7 DQ/Serial communication port BAT+/Battery positive/pack positive No connect EMPTY/Empty indicator output GND/Ground PACK-/Pack negative BAT-/Battery negative

Address: Sales Contact: Number of series battery cells (4-12) Battery type (NiCd or NiMH) Battery pack capacity (mAh) Discharge rate into load (3.0A max) Charge rate (3.0A max) Display mode (absolute or relative) LEDs and switch (Y/N) Phone:

Schematic shows components which may not be placed on the board, depending upon the configuration.


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1-103653-9 : Free Hanging (In-Line) Rectangular - Housing Connectors, Interconnect Male Pin; CONN PLUG 20POS .1" POL UNLOAD. s: Color: Black ; Contact Termination: Crimp ; Contact Type: Male Pin ; Mounting Type: Free Hanging (In-Line) ; Number of Rows: 1 ; Pitch: 0.100" (2.54mm) ; Packaging: Bulk ; Connector Type: Plug ; Fastening Type: - ; : - ; Number of Positions:.

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IDT70V35S25PF : Memory Integrated Circuit (ics) SRAM - Dual Port, Asynchronous Tray 3 V ~ 3.6 V; IC SRAM 144KBIT 25NS 100TQFP. s: Memory Type: SRAM - Dual Port, Asynchronous ; Memory Size: 144K (8K x 18) ; Speed: 25ns ; Interface: Parallel (Byte-wide) ; Package / Case: 100-LQFP ; Packaging: Tray ; Voltage - Supply: 3 V ~ 3.6 V ; Operating Temperature: 0C ~ 70C ; Format.

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