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TitleGas Gauges
Descriptionti BQ2092, Multi-chemistry SBS 0.95 Compliant Gas Gauge With 4 Led Drivers
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Provides accurate measurement of available charge in NiCd, NiMH, and Li-Ion rechargeable batteries Supports SBData charge control commands for Li-Ion, NiMH, and NiCd chemistries Designed for battery pack integration

The bq2092 Gas Gauge IC With SMBus-Like Interface is intended for battery-pack or in-system installation to maintain an accurate record of available battery charge. The bq2092 directly supports capacity monitoring for NiCd, NiMH, and Li-Ion battery chemistries. The bq2092 uses the SMBus protocol that supports many of the Smart Battery Data (SBData) commands. The bq2092 also supports SBData charge control. Battery state-ofcharge, capacity remaining, remaining time and chemistry are available over the serial link. Battery-charge state can be directly indicated using a four-segment LED display to graphically depict battery full-toempty in 25% increments.

The bq2092 estimates battery selfdischarge based on an internal timer and temperature sensor and user-programmable rate information stored in external EEPROM. The bq2092 also automatically recalibrates or "learns" battery capacity in the full course of a discharge cycle from full to empty. The bq2092 may operate directly from three nickel chemistry cells. With the REF output and an external transistor, a simple, inexpensive regulator can be built to provide VCC for other battery cell configurations. An external EEPROM is used to program initial values into the bq2092 and is necessary for proper operation.

120µA typical operating current Small size enables implementations in as little as 3 square inch of PCB 4 Two-wire SMBus-like interface Measurements compensated for current and temperature Programmable self-discharge and charge compensation 16-pin narrow SOIC

VCC 3.0­5.5V Serial memory clock Serial memory data LED segment 1 LED segment 2 LED segment 3 LED segment 4 System ground VOUT EEPROM supply output REF SR DISP SB SCD SCC Sense resistor input Display control input Battery sense input Serial communication data input/output Serial communication clock Voltage reference output

VCC SCL Supply voltage input Serial memory clock This output is used to clock the data transfer between the bq2092 and the external nonvolatile configuration memory. SDA Serial memory data and address This bi-directional pin is used to transfer address and data to and from the bq2092 and the external configuration memory. SEG1­ SEG4 LED display segment outputs Each output may activate an external LED to sink the current sourced from VCC. VSS SR Ground Sense resistor input The voltage drop (VSR) across pins SR and VSS is monitored and integrated over time to interpret charge and discharge activity. The SR input is connected to the sense resistor and the negative terminal of the battery. VSR < VSS indicates discharge, and VSR > VSS indicates charge. The effective voltage drop, VSRO, as seen by the bq2092 is VSR + VOS (see Table 3). DISP Display control input DISP high disables the LED display. DISP floating allows the LED display to be active during charge if the rate is greater than 100mA. DISP low activates the display for 4 seconds. REF NC SCD SB Secondary battery input This input monitors the cell pack voltage as a single-cell potential through a highimpedance resistor divider network. The cell pack voltage is reported in the SBD register function Voltage (0x09) and is compared to end-of-discharge voltage and charging voltage parameters. No connect Serial communication data This open-drain bidirectional pin is used to transfer address and data to and from the bq2092. SCC Serial communication clock This open-drain bidirectional pin is used to clock the data transfer to and from the bq2092. Reference output for regulator REF provides a reference output for an optional micro-regulator. VOUT Supply output This output supplies power to the external EEPROM configuration memory.

The bq2092 determines battery capacity by monitoring the amount of charge input to or removed from a rechargeable battery. The bq2092 measures discharge and charge currents, estimates self-discharge, and monitors the battery for low-battery voltage thresholds. The charge measurement is made by monitoring the voltage across a small-value series sense resistor between the battery's negative terminal and ground. The available battery charge is determined by monitoring this voltage over time and correcting the measurement for the environmental and operating conditions. Figure 1 shows a typical battery pack application of the bq2092 using the LED capacity display, the serial port, and an external EEPROM for battery pack programming information. The bq2092 must be configured and calibrated for the battery-specific information to ensure proper operation. Table 1 outlines the externally programmable functions available in the bq2092. Refer to the Programming the bq2092 section for further details. An internal temperature sensor eliminates the need for an external thermistor--reducing cost and components. An internal, temperature-compensated timebase eliminates the need for an external resonator, further reducing cost and components. The entire circuit in Figure 1 can occupy less than 3 4 square inch of board space.

Figure 1. Battery Pack Application Diagram--LED Display


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