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Part familyBQ2063 Li-Ion SBS 1.1 Compliant Gas Gauge With Protector Interface
TitleGas Gauges
DescriptionLi-Ion SBS 1.1 Compliant Gas Gauge With Protector Interface 28-SSOP 0 to 70
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Application notes
• Wide-Vin Battery-Charger Using SMBus MSP430 MCUs and bq Fuel Gauges (Rev. A)
This application report describes a smart-battery charger reference design with a wide-input-voltage range. The reference design implements the System Management Bus (SMBus) protocol for communication between the MSP430 microcontroller and a SMBus-compatib | Doc


Features, Applications

With PEC or Single-Wire HDQ16 Directly Interfaces the Seiko S-8243 Protection IC for Maximum Safety Protection and Minimal Component Count Supports Internal or External Thermistor Reports Individual Cell Voltages Uses 15-Bit ADC for Accurate Voltage, Temperature, and Current Measurements Measures Charge Flow Using A V-to-F Converter With Offset of Less Than 16 V After Calibration Consumes Less Than 0.5 mW Operating Drives or 5-Segment LED Display for Remaining Capacity Indication 28-Pin 150-Mil SSOP


The bq2063 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC for battery-pack or in-system installation maintains an accurate record of available charge in Li-Ion batteries. The bq2063 monitors capacity and other critical parameters in Li-Ion battery packs. It also directly interfaces the Seiko S-8243 protection IC to minimize component count in smart-battery circuits. The bq2063 uses a V-to-F converter with automatic offset correction for charge and discharge counting. For voltage, temperature, and current reporting, the bq2063 uses an A-to-D converter. In conjunction with the S-8243, the onboard ADC also monitors individual cell voltages in a Li-Ion battery pack and allows the bq2063 to generate control signals to enhance pack safety. The bq2063 supports the smart battery data (SBData) commands and charge-control functions. It communicates data using the system management bus (SMBus) 2-wire protocol or the 1-wire HDQ16 protocol. The data available include the battery's remaining capacity, temperature, voltage, current, and remaining run-time predictions. The bq2063 provides LED drivers and a push-button input to depict remaining battery capacity from full to empty or 25% increments with or 5-segment display. The bq2063 works with an external EEPROM. The EEPROM stores the configuration information for the bq2063, such as the battery's chemistry, self-discharge rate, rate-compensation factors, measurement calibration, and design voltage and capacity. The bq2063 uses the programmable self-discharge rate and other compensation factors stored in the EEPROM to accurately adjust remaining capacity for use and standby conditions based on time, rate, and temperature. The bq2063 also automatically calibrates or learns the true battery capacity in the course of a discharge cycle from programmable near full to near empty levels. The S-8243 protection IC may be used to provide power to the bq2063 from or 4-series Li-Ion cell stack.

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.

TERMINAL NAME CTL2CTL4 DISP ESCL ESDA GND HDQ16 LED1LED5 RBI REG SAFETY SMBC SMBD SRC SR1SR2 THON TS VCC VCELL VOUT VSS No. I/O I O I/O DESCRIPTION 3-state outputs to interface the S-8243 protection IC Display control for the LED drivers LED1LED5 Serial memory clock for data transfer between the bq2063 and the external nonvolatile configuration memory Bidirectional pin that transfers address and data to and from the bq2063 and the external nonvolatile configuration memory Must be tied externally to VSS Serial communication open-drain bidirectional communications port LED display segments that each may drive an external LED Register backup that provides backup potential to the bq2063 registers during periods of low operating voltage. RBI accepts a storage capacitor or a battery input Regular output to control an n-JFET for Vcc regulation to the bq2063 from the battery potential Open-drain output for an additional level of safety protection (e.g., fuse blow) SMBus clock open-drain bidirectional pin used to clock the data transfer to and from the bq2063 SMBus data open-drain bidirectional pin used to transfer address and data to and from the bq2063 Current-sense voltage to monitor instantaneous current Connections for a small-value sense resistor to monitor the battery charge- and discharge-current flow Control for external FETs to connect the thermistor bias resistor during a temperature measurement Thermistor voltage input connection to monitor temperature Supply voltage Single-cell voltage input that monitors the series element cell voltages from the S-8243 VCC output that supplies power to the external EEPROM configuration memory Ground

absolute maximum ratings over operating free-air temperature (unless otherwise noted)

Supply voltage (VCC with respect to VSS). 6 V Input voltage, V(IN), all other pins (all with respect to VSS). 6 V Operating free-air temperature range, TA. to 70C Storage temperature range, TSTG. to 70C Junction temperature range, TJ. to 125C Lead temperature (soldering, 10 s). 300C

Stresses beyond those listed under "absolute maximum ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under "recommended operating conditions" is not implied. Exposure to absolute-maximum-rated conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

PARAMETER VCC ICC I(SLP) I(LVOUT) I(VOUT) VI(OLS) V(IL) VIH VOL V(ILS) V(IHS) V(AI) I(RB) V(RBI) Z(AI1) Z(AI2) Supply voltage Operating current Low-power storage mode current VOUT leakage current VOUT source current Output voltage low: (LED1LED5, CTL24) Input voltage low DISP Input voltage high DISP Output voltage low SMBC, SMBD, HDQ16, ESCL, ESDA, THON Input voltage low SMBC, SMBD, HDQ16, ESCL, ESDA Input voltage high SMBC, SMBD, HDQ16, ESCL, ESDA Input voltage range VCELL, TS, SRC RBI data-retention input current RBI data-retention voltage Input impedance SR1, SR2 Input impedance VCELL, TS, SRC V1.25 V V(RBI) 3 V, VCC 10 5 IOL 0.3 1.7 VSS 0.3 10 VOUT inactive V < VCC 3.7 V VOUT inactive VOUT active, VOUT = VCC 0.6 V I(OLS) 5 mA VCC TEST CONDITIONS MIN 2.7 TYP 180 5 MAX UNIT V M

PARAMETER V(SR) V(SROS) V(SRCOS) RMVCO Input voltage range, V(SR2) and V(SR1) Input offset Calibrated offset Supply voltage gain coefficient VCC 3.5 V Slope for to 70C Total Deviation to 70C Slope for to 50C Total Deviation to 50C NOTE 1: RM(TCO) total deviation is from the nominal VFC gain at 25C. INL Integral nonlinearity error TEST CONDITIONS VSR = V(SR1), autocorrection disabled MIN TYP MAX %/C UNIT V V %/V %/C

PARAMETER V(RO) REG controlled output voltage TEST CONDITIONS JFET: R(ds)(on) < 150 V(gs)(off) 10 A MIN 3.1 TYP 3.3 MAX 3.5 UNIT V A

IREG REG(output current) 1 NOTE 2: Characteristics for internal bq2063 regulator control. Leave REG pin open when using regulated voltage from S-8243.


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