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CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters => Charge Pumps
DescriptionAdvanced Li-ion Linear Charge Management ic
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Ideal for single- and dual-cell Li-Ion packs with coke or graphite anodes Dropout voltage as low as 0.3V AutoCompTM dynamic compensation of battery pack's internal impedance Optional temperature-monitoring before and during charge Integrated voltage and current regulation with programmable charge-current and high- or low-side current sensing Integrated cell conditioning for reviving deeply discharged cells and minimizing heat dissipation during initial stage of charge Better than 1% voltage regulation accuracy Charge status output for LED or host processor interface Automatic battery-recharge feature Charge termination by minimum current Low-power sleep mode Packaging: 8-pin SOIC, 8-pin TSSOP

The BENCHMARQ bq2057 series advanced Li-Ion linear charge-management ICs are designed for cost-sensitive and compact portable electronics. They combine high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, battery conditioning, temperature monitoring, charge termination, ch AutoComp charge-rate compensation in a single 8-pin IC. The bq2057 continuously measures battery temperature using an external thermistor. For safety reasons, the bq2057 inhibits charge until the battery temperature is within user-defined thresholds. The bq2057 then charges the battery in three phases: conditioning, constant current, and constant voltage. If the battery voltage is below the low-voltage threshold V MIN, the bq2057 trickle-charges to condition the battery. The conditioning charge rate is set 10% of the regulation current. The conditioning current also minimizes heat dissipation in the external pass-element during the initial stage of charge. After conditioning, the bq2057 applies a constant current to the battery. An external sense-resistor sets

the magnitude of the current. The sense-resistor can be on either the low or the high side of the battery without additional components. The constant-current phase continues until the battery reaches the charge-regulation voltage. The bq2057 then begins the constant-voltage phase. The accuracy of the voltage regulation is better than 1% over the operating-temperature and supply-voltage ranges. For single and dual cells with either coke or graphite anodes, the bq2057 is offered in four fixed-voltage versions: 4.2V, 8.2V, and 8.4V. Charge stops when the current tapers to the ch VTERM. The bq2057 automatically restarts the charge if the battery voltage falls below the VRCH threshold. The designer also may use the AutoComp feature to reduce charging time. This proprietary technique allows safe and dynamic compensation for the internal impedance of the battery pack during charge.

SNS BAT Current-sense input Battery-voltage input Supply voltage Temperature sense input STAT VSS CC COMP Charge status output Ground input Charge control output Charge-rate compensation input

SNS Current-sense input Battery current is sensed via the voltage developed on this pin by an external sense resistor. BAT Battery voltage input Voltage sense-input tied directly to the positive side of the battery. VCC TS VCC supply input Temperature sense input Input for an external battery-temperature monitoring circuit. Connecting this input to Vcc/2 disables this feature. COMP VSS CC STAT Charge status output Tri-state indication of charge-in-progress, charge-complete, and temperature fault. Ground input Charge-control output Source-follower output that drives an external pass-transistor for current and voltage regulation. Charge-rate compensation input Sets the charge-rate compensation level. The voltage-regulation output may be programmed to vary as a function of the charge current delivered to the battery.

Voltage Regulation Phase LED = HIGH Charge Complete LED = LOW

Figure is a functional block diagram, Figure 2 an operational flow chart, and Figure 3 a typical charger schematic for the bq2057.

When power is applied, the bq2057 starts a charge-cycle if a battery is already present or when a battery is in-

serted. Charge qualification is based on battery temperature and voltage. The bq2057 suspends charge if the battery temperature is outside the to VTS2 range and suspends charge until the battery temperature is within the allowed range. The bq2057 also checks the battery voltage. If the battery voltage is below the low - v olt es h old trickle-charge to condition the battery. The conditioning charge rate ICOND is set 10% of the regulation current. The conditioning current also minimizes heat dis-


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