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Part familyBQ2052 Primary Lithium Gas Gauge W/High-Speed 1-Wire (HDQ) Interface, 3 Prgmable LED Patterns
TitleGas Gauges
DescriptionPrimary Lithium Gas Gauge W/High-Speed 1-Wire (HDQ) Interface, 3 Prgmable LED Patterns 16-SOIC -20 to 70
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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  Mecanical Data
Pin nbPackage typeInd stdJEDEC codePackage qtyCarrierDevice markWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thick (mm)Pitch (mm)
16DSOICR-PDSO-G40TUBEA515 3.919.91.581.27
Application notes
• HDQ Communication Basics for TI Battery Monitor ICs
Most battery monitor ICs from TI, including the bq2018 and bq2019, includes a single-wire HDQ serial data interface. Host controllers, configured for either polled or interrupt processing, use the interface to access various IC registers. The purpose of t | Doc


Features, Applications


Accurate measurement of available capacity in Lithium primary batteries such as Lithium Sulphur Dioxide and Lithium Manganese Dioxide Provides a low-cost battery monitor solution for pack integration

The bq2052 Lithium Primary Gas b a ttery-pack or in-system installation to maintain an accurate record of available battery capacity. The IC monitors a voltage drop across a sense resistor connected in series with the cells to determine discharge activity of the battery. The bq2052 applies compensations for battery temperature and discharge rate to the available charge counter to provide available capacity information across a wide range of operating conditions. Compensated available capacity may be directly indicated using an LED display. The LED display is programmable and can be configured as two, four, or five segments. These segments are used to depict available battery capacity. The bq2052 supports a single-wire serial

communications link to an external micro-controller. The link allows the micro-controller to read and write the internal registers of the bq2052. The internal registers include available battery capacity, voltage, temperature, current, and battery status. The controller may also overwrite some of the bq2052 gas gauge data registers. The bq2052 can operate from the batteries in the pack. The REF output and an external FET provide a simple, inexpensive voltage regulator to supply power to the circuit from the cells.

Complete circuit can fit less than 1 square inch of PCB space Low operating current Less than 100nA of data retention current

Single-wire communication interface (HDQ bus) for critical battery parameters Communicates remaining capacity with direct drive of LEDs in 3 selectable modes Measurements automatically compensated for discharge rate and temperature 16-pin narrow SOIC

LCOM LED common output VSS SR DISP SB RBI HDQ PROG6 REF VCC System ground Sense resistor input Display control input Battery sense input Register backup input Serial communications input/output Program 6 input Voltage reference output Supply voltage SEG1/PROG1 LED segment 1/ program 1 input SEG1/PROG2 LED segment 2/ program 2 input SEG1/PROG3 LED segment 3/ program 3 input SEG1/PROG4 LED segment 4/ program 4 input SEG1/PROG5 LED segment 5/ program 5 input CP Control port

LCOM LED common output This open-drain output switches CC to source current for the LEDs. The switch is off during initialization to allow reading of the soft pull-up or pull-down program resistors. LCOM is also high impedance when the display is off. SEG1 SEG5 LED display segment outputs (dual function with PROG1PROG5) Each output may activate an LED to sink the current sourced from LCOM. PROG1 PROG2 Programmed full count selections These three-level input pins define the programmed full count. PROG3 Power gauge scale selection inputs (dual function with SEG3SEG4) This three-level input pin defines the scale factor. PROG4 Programmed compensation factors This three-level input pin defines the battery discharge compensation factors. PROG5 Programmed display mode This three-level input pin defines the capacity indication display mode. PROG6 Programmed initial capacity state This input defines the initial battery capacity indication state. When tied to VCC, the bq2052 sets the available capacity to full on reset. When tied to VSS, the bq2052 sets the available capacity to zero on reset. VSS Ground CP HDQ RBI SB SR Sense resistor input The voltage drop (VSR) across the sense resistor RS is monitored and integrated over time to interpret discharge activity. VSR > VSS indicates discharge. The effective voltage drop, VSRO, as seen by the bq2052 is VSR + VOS. DISP Display control input DISP high disables the LED display. DISP tied to VCC (no display LEDs in the circuit) allows PROGX to connect directly to VCC r ou ll- pull-down resistor. DISP low activates the display. Secondary battery input This input monitors the battery cell voltage potential through a high-impedance resistive divider network for the end-of-discharge voltage (EDV) thresholds. Register backup input This pin is used to provide backup potential to the bq2052 registers during periods when VCC 3V. A storage capacitor or a battery can be connected to RBI. Serial communication input/output This is the open-drain bidirectional communications port. Control port This open drain output may be controlled by serial port commands and its state is reflected in the CPIN bit in FLGS1. REF Voltage reference output for regulator REF provides a voltage reference output for an optional micro-regulator. VCC Supply voltage input

The bq2052 determines battery capacity by monitoring the amount of charge removed from a primary battery. The bq2052 measures discharge currents and battery voltage, monitors the battery for the low battery-voltage thresholds, and compensates available capacity for temperature and discharge rate. The bq2052 measures capacity by monitoring the voltage across a small-value series sense resistor between the negative battery terminal and ground. Figure 1 shows a typical battery pack application of the a b ilit charge-state indicator. The bq2052 displays capacity with two, four, or five LEDs using the programmed full count (PFC) as the battery's "full" reference. The bq2052 has a push-button input for momentarily enabling the LED display.

The bq2052 uses a voltage-to-frequency converter (VFC) for discharge measurement and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for battery voltage measurement.

The VFC measures the discharge flow of the battery by monitoring a small value sense resistor between the SR pin and VSS as shown in Figure 1. The bq2052 detects "discharge" activity when the potential at the SR input, VSRO, is positive. The bq2052 integrates the signal over time using an internal counter. The fundamental rate of the counter is 3.125Vh. The VFC measures signals 0.5V in magnitude.

The bq2052 has a digital filter to eliminate discharge counting below a set threshold. The minimum discharge threshold, VSRD, for the is 250V.

2. VCC can connect directly to two lithium primary cells (6.0V nominal and should not exceed 6.5V). Otherwise, R1, C1, and Q1 are needed for regulation > 2 cells. 3. Programming resistors and ESD-protection diodes are not shown. 4. R-C SR is required. 5. A series diode is required on RBI if the bottom series cell is used as the backup source. If the cell is used, the backup capacitor is not required, and the anode is connected to the positive terminal of the cell.


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