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q ACCEPTS INPUT VOLTAGES OR CURRENTS OF EITHER POLARITY q WIDE INPUT DYNAMIC RANGE 6 Decades of Current 4 Decades of Voltage q VERSATILE Log, Antilog, and Log Ratio Capability current and four decades of input voltage. In addition, a current inverter and a precise internal reference allow pin programming of the as a logarithmic, log ratio, or antilog amplifier. To further increase its versatility and reduce your system cost, the 4127 has an uncommitted operational amplifier in its package that can be used as a buffer, inverter, filter, or gain element. The 4127 is available with initial accuracies (log conformity) of 0.5% and 1.0%, and operates over an ambient temperature range to +70C. With its versatility and high performance, the 4127 has many applications in signal compression, transducer linearization, and phototube buffering. Manufacturers of medical equipment, analytical instruments, and process control instrumentation will find the 4127 a low cost solution to many signal processing problems.


Packaged in a ceramic double wide DIP, the 4127 is the first hybrid logarithmic amplifier that accepts signals of either polarity from current or voltage sources. A special purpose monolithic chip, developed specifically for logarithmic conversions, functions accurately for up to six decades of input

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Typical Specifications at +25C with rated supplies, unless otherwise noted. MODEL % of FSR Current Source Input: to 1mA Voltage Input: to 10V INPUT Current Source Input, Pin 4 Current Source Input, Pin 7 Reference Current Input, Pin 2 Absolute Maximum Inputs OUTPUT Voltage Current Impedance FREQUENCY RESPONSE 3dB Small Signal at Current Input of 10nA Step Response to within 1% of Final Value (IR = 5) STABILITY Scale Factor Drift (A/C) Reference Current Drift (IR/C) Input Offset Current Drift (IS/C) Input Offset Voltage Drift Accuracy vs Supply Variation Reference Current Input Offset Voltage Input Noise - Current Input Noise - Voltage Input 4127KG 0.5% max 0.5% max 4127JG 1% max 1% max

IREF Output IREF Input No Pin Present +I Input

24 No Pin Present 23 IREFBias 22 Postive Supply 21 Common 20 No Pin Present 19 Gain Adjust 18 Log Output 17 No Pin Present 16 No Pin Present 15 No Pin Present 14 Negative Supply 13 NC

No Pin Present Current Inverter Input No Pin Present Op Amp + Input

0.001 I R/C for A 0.003 IR/C for at +25C, Doubles Every 300V/V 1pA, rms, 10kHz 10A, rms, 85dB 5mA

UNCOMMITTED OP AMP CHARACTERISTICS Input Offset Voltage Input Bias Current Input Impedance Large Signal Voltage Gain Output Current TEMPERATURE RANGE Specification Operating Storage POWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS Rated Supply Voltages Supply Voltage Range Supply Current Drain at Quiescent, max at Full Load, max NOTE: (1) Log conformity at 25C.

NOTE: (1) For detailed drawing and dimension table, please see end of data sheet, or Appendix D of Burr-Brown IC Data Book.

The information provided herein is believed to be reliable; however, BURR-BROWN assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions. BURR-BROWN assumes no responsibility for the use of this information, and all use of such information shall be entirely at the user's own risk. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. No patent rights or licenses to any of the circuits described herein are implied or granted to any third party. BURR-BROWN does not authorize or warrant any BURR-BROWN product for use in life support devices and/or systems.

At +25C with rated supplies, unless otherwise noted.

ACCURACY The deviation from the ideal output voltage defined as a percent of the full scale output voltage. INPUT/OUTPUT RANGE The log relationships of A log STABILITY The use of a monolithic transistor quad and low-drift amps minimizes drift, but some drift remains in the scale-factor, reference current, and input offset. Input offset consists of a bias current plus the op amp input voltage offset divided by the signal source resistance. Also, there is some slight drift in conformity to the log function and in output amplifier offset, but this is generally negligible.

subject to the constraints specified. The 4127 can be operated with inputs lower than those given, but the accuracy will be degraded. FREQUENCY RESPONSE The small-signal frequency response varies considerably with signal level and scaling, so the frequency response is specified under several different operating conditions.

The is a complete logarithmic amplifier that can be pin-programmed to accept input currents or voltages of either polarity. By making use of the internal current inverter, reference current generator, log ratio element, and uncommitted op amp, you can generate a variety of logarith


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