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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => FETs (Field Effect Transistors) => MOSFETs => N-Channel
DescriptionEnhancement Mode MOSFET (includes Low Threshold MOSFET)
CompanySupertex, Inc.
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Features, Applications
BVDSS / BVDGS 60V RDS(ON) (max) 7.5 ID(ON) (min) 500mA Order Number / Package TO-92 2N7008

Free from secondary breakdown Low power drive requirement Ease of paralleling Low CISS and fast switching speeds Excellent thermal stability Integral Source-Drain diode High input impedance and high gain Complementary N- and P-channel devices

These enhancement-mode (normally-off) transistors utilize a vertical DMOS structure and Supertex's well-proven silicon-gate manufacturing process. This combination produces devices with the power handling capabilities of bipolar transistors and with the high input impedance and positive temperature coefficient inherent in MOS devices. Characteristic of all MOS structures, these devices are free from thermal runaway and thermally-induced secondary breakdown. Supertex's vertical DMOS FETs are ideally suited to a wide range of switching and amplifying applications where high breakdown voltage, high input impedance, low input capacitance, and fast switching speeds are desired.


Motor controls Converters Amplifiers Switches Power supply circuits Drivers (relays, hammers, solenoids, lamps, memories, displays, bipolar transistors, etc.)

Drain-to-Source Voltage Drain-to-Gate Voltage Gate-to-Source Voltage Operating and Storage Temperature Soldering Temperature* * Distance 1.6 mm from case for 10 seconds. BVDSS BVDGS +150C 300C

Supertex Inc. does not recommend the use of its products in life support applications and will not knowingly sell its products for use in such applications unless it receives an adequate "products liability indemnification insurance agreement." Supertex does not assume responsibility for use of devices described and limits its liability to the replacement of devices determined to be defective due to workmanship. No responsibility is assumed for possible omissions or inaccuracies. Circuitry and specifications are subject to change without notice. For the latest product specifications, refer to the Supertex website: For complete liability information on all Supertex products, refer to the most current databook or to the Legal/Disclaimer page on the Supertex website.

Symbol BVDSS VGS(th) IGSS IDSS Parameter Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold Voltage Gate Body Leakage Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current Min ID(ON) RDS(ON) GFS CISS COSS CRSS t(ON) t(OFF) VSD ON-State Drain Current Static Drain-to-Source ON-State Resistance 500 7.5 Forward Transconductance Input Capacitance Common Source Output Capacitance Reverse Transfer Capacitance Turn-ON Time Turn-OFF Time Diode Forward Voltage Drop V pF VGS = 0V, VDS = 1 MHz VDD ID =200 mA, RGEN = 25 ISD = 150mA, VGS 0V m Typ Max Unit A mA Conditions = -10A, VGS = 0V VGS = VDS, = 250A VGS = 30V, VDS = 0V VGS = 0V, VDS = 50V VGS = 0V, VDS = 125C VGS = 10V, VDS 2VDS(ON) VGS = 50mA VGS = 500mA

Notes: 1. All D.C. parameters 100% tested at 25C unless otherwise stated. (Pulse test: 300s pulse, 2% duty cycle.) 2. All A.C. parameters sample tested.

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PBMB200A6 : Device = Igbt ;; Maxisimam Operating Junction Temperature( C ) = 150 ;; Storage Temperature( C ) = -40 to +125 ;; Circuit = Single Phase Bridge ;; Data Sheet(pdf) = _pbmb200a6.pdf ;; Outline(dxf) = Pbmb200a6.dxf ;; Remarks =   ;; = ;; = ;; = ;;.

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MC2600 : CAPACITOR, ELECTRIC DOUBLE LAYER, 2.7 V, 2600000000 uF, CHASSIS MOUNT. s: Technology: ELECTRIC DOUBLE LAYER ; Applications: General Purpose ; RoHS Compliant: Yes ; Capacitance Range: 2.60E9 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 20 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 2.7 volts ; Mounting Style: CHASSIS MOUNT ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 65 C (-40 to 149 F).

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1N3879PBF : 6 A, 50 V, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE, DO-203AA. s: Package: DO-4, DO-4, 1 PIN ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; VRRM: 50 volts ; IF: 6000 mA ; trr: 0.3000 ns ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS.

30426R-LF3 : DATACOM TRANSFORMER FOR. s: Category: Signal ; Other Transformer Types / Applications: Pulse Transformers, DATACOM TRANSFORMER.

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