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TitleActive Mixers
Description1800-2100 MHZ High Linearity Active Transmit Mixer
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Features, Applications

The Sirenza Microdevices' is a high linearity active mixer for use in a wide variety of communication systems covering the 1800-2100 MHz frequency bands. This device operates from a single 5V supply and provides dB of conversion gain while requiring only 0dBm input to the integrated LO driver. The STM-2116 also includes an integrated on chip IF amplifier and is fabricated using Silicon Germanium (SiGe) device technology. The RF and LO ports can be driven differential or single ended. Each broadband port has been designed to minimize performance degradation while operating into highly reactive components such as SAW filters. The device is packaged in an industry standard 16 pin TSSOP with exposed paddle for superb RF and thermal ground.

16 pin TSSOP with Exposed Ground Pad Package Footprint: x 0.252 inches x 6.4 mm) Package Height: 0.039 inches (1.0 mm)

Active mixer with 16 dB conversion gain Integrated 0dBm LO drive and IF amplifier Differential or single-ended input Single supply operation (+5V) Broadband resistive 50 impedance on all three ports Low LO-RF leakage Cellular/PCS/CDMA2000 transmitters


Parameters RF Frequency Range LO Frequency Range IF Frequency Range Conversion Gain SSB Noise Figure Output IP3 Output P1dB Leakage (LO-RF) Leakage (LO-IF) RF, LO, IF Return Loss Matched to 50, see Note 1, page 3 Supply Voltage (Vcc) Supply Current LO Drive Thermal Resistance Matched to 50 junction-case = -20 dBm/tone, 1 MHz spacing Test Conditions: = 25C, VCC = 5.0V, PLO = 0dBm, PIF = 200MHz Unit MHz dB dBm V mA dBm C/W Min. Typ. Max. Min. Typ. Max.

The information provided herein is believed to be reliable at press time. Sirenza Microdevices assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies or ommisions. Sirenza Microdevices assumes no responsibility for the use of this information, and all such information shall be entirely at the user's own risk. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. No patent rights or licenses to any of the circuits described herein are implied or granted to any third party. Sirenza Microdevices does not authorize or warrant any Sirenza Microdevices product for use in life-support devices and/or systems. Copyright 2002 Sirenza Microdevices, Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.

Note 1: The return losses shown were measured with the STM-2116 mounted on our FR4 evaluation boards. The RF port was matched for the PCS band, and the IF port matched for 200 MHz. Similar return losses are achievable at other frequencies using standard matching practices. Note 2: LO-IF leakage measurement has not been adjusted for the loss through the IF (TC1-1) balun.


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