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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers
DescriptionMedium Power Single Bipolar Op-amps
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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DESCRIPTION The TDB7910 and TDA7910 are internally compensated medium power operational amplifiers intended for use in those applications requiring load currents of several hundred milliamperes. Applications include servo amplifiers, driver interfaces, precision power comparators and motor speed control. These amplifiers are designedto operatefrom a single or dual power supplies and the input commonmode range includes the negative supply if balance inputs are tied to the negative supply. The TDB7910 and TDA7910 are thermal overload and short-circuit protected. PIN CONNECTIONS (top view)

Symbol VCC Vi Vid IO Ptot Toper Tstg Supply Voltage Input Voltage Differential Input Voltage Output Current* Power Dissipation Operating Free-air Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range TDB7910 TDA7910 Parameter Value to +150 Unit

* Under short-circuit conditions, the safe operating area and dc power dissipation limi tations must be observed.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VCC 15V, T amb = 25oC (unless otherwise specified) Symbol

Vio Input Offset Voltage Tamb = +25C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Input Offset Current Tamb = +25C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Input Bias Current Tamb = +25C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Large Signal Voltage Gain (RL 10V) Tamb = +25C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Supply Current - (no load) Tamb = +25C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Input Common Mode Voltage Range Output Short Circuit Current = 1.5) Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio Common Mode Rejection Ratio Input Impedance Output Voltage Swing (RSC = 47) Tamb = +25C Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Offset Voltage Adjustment Range Slew Rate (RL = 47, Tamb = 1, Vin = 10V) Gain Bandwidth Product (CC = 100kHz, Vin = 10mV) Thermal Resistance C/W M V Parameter - TDA7910 MIn. Typ. 2 Max. 500 800 V/mV

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VCC+ = 10V, VCC- = 0V, Tamb = +5V (unless otherwise specified)

Symbol Vio Input Offset Voltage T amb +25C T min. Tamb Tmax. Large Signal Voltage Gain (RL 5V) T amb +25C, T min. Tamb Tmax. Supply Current - (no load) T amb +25C T min. Tamb Tmax. High Level Output Voltage 47) T amb +25C T min. Tamb Tmax. Low Level Output Voltage T amb +25C T min. Tamb Tmax. Gain Bandwidth Product (CC = 100kHz, Vin 20 25 MHz 1 Parameter - TDA7910 Min. Typ. Max. 6 7.5 V/mV Unit mV


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