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CategoryMultimedia => Audio
Description10W Amplifier
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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DESCRIPTION The 10W is class AB power amplifier assembled in the @Multiwatt 15 package, spe-

cially designed for high quality sound, TV applications. Features of the TDA7494S include Stand-by and mute functions.

Symbol VS VIN Ptot Tamb Tstg, Tj DC Supply Voltage Maximum Input Voltage Total Power Dissipation (Tamb = 70C) Ambient Operating Temperature Range (1) Storage and Junction Temperature Parameter Value to 150 Unit V Vpp W C

(1) Operation between 85 C guaranteed by correlation with 70C. (2) Pin 3 is ESD sensitive (max. voltage 1.5KV)

Symbol Rth j-case Rth j-amb Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-case Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient max Value Typ 3.8 35 Max = 4.8 Unit C/W

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Refer to the test circuit, = 50; Tamb = 25C; unless otherwise specified.)

Symbol VS Iq DCVOS VO PO Parameter Supply Voltage Range Total Quiescent Current Output DC Offset Referred to SVR Potential Quiescent Output Voltage Output Power No Input Signal = 21V THD = 10%; VCC = 8 THD = 1%; VCC = 28V THD = 10%; VCC = 21V, THD = 1%; VCC = 21V, THD = 10%; VCC = 4 THD = 1%; VCC = 21V, THD = 10%; VCC = 18V, THD = 1%; VCC = 18V THD = 10%; VCC = 8 THD = 1%; VCC = 18V THD Ipeak Top Vin BW eN Total Output Noise to 22KHz Play to 22KHz Mute SR Ri SVR TM Ts VST-BY VMUTE IqST-BY AMUTE IstbyBIAS Slew Rate Input Resistance Supply Voltage Rejection Thermal Muting Thermal Shut-down Stand-by threshold Mute Threshold Quiescent Current @ Stand-by Mute Attenuation Stand-by bias current Stand by on; VST-BY = 5V; VMUTE = 5V; Play or Mute ImuteBIAS Mute bias current Mute Play = 1kHz; CSVR = 470A; VRIP 22.5 36 Total Harmonic Distortion Output Peak Current Operating Temperature Input Signal Closed Loop Gain = 26dB (internally limited) Test Condition Min. 11 22 Typ. Max. Unit mV C Vrms dB MHz V V/s dB A


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M65580MAP : TV Signal Processors. Note : This is not a final . Some of information in this document are subject to changes. The M65580MAP-XXXFP are semiconductor integrated circuits designed with CMOS silicon gate technology for NTSC television system, include 8bit MCU( M37272MA core) with a closed caption decoder and circuits needed for TV baseband signals(Video and Chroma) processor.

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NJM2110 : Monoral Mic Amp.for Video Camera. [CAUTION] The s on this databook are only given for information , without any guarantee as regards either mistakes or omissions. The application circuits in this databook are described only to show representative usages of the product and not intended for the guarantee or permission of any right including the industrial rights. .

QS7785 : QSurround Processors. 3D 2/4-Channel Stereo Surround Synthesizer. The is an audio processor IC that generates 4, 5-channel stereo surround signals from 2-channel stereo or mono sources using QSurroundTM technology developed and licensed by QSound Labs, Inc. It can create 2-channel left and right surround effect signal for front speakers, and a rich enhanced surround signal using front speakers and surround speakers.

S1D2506A01 : Display & Video. = S1D2506A01 Iic Bus Controlled R/g/b Video Amplifier For Monitors ;; Function = Video Pre-amp(175MHz) ;; = 3-Channel RGB Video Pre-amp,Half-tone,80MHz Osd Input,bright Uniformity ;; Package = 28DIP ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

SAA1101 : SAA1101; Universal SYNC Generator (USG). Product File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 January 1990 Programmable to seven standards Additional outputs to simplify signal processing Can be synchronized to an external sync. signal Option to select the 524/624 line mode instead of the 525/625 line mode Lock from subcarrier to line frequency GENERAL The is a Universal Sync Generator (USG) and is designed.

THS8133ATQFP : Triple 10-bit, 80 MSPS Video D/A Converter With Tri-level SYNC Generation.

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XRD98L62 : CCD Image Digitizer With Cds, Pga, And 12-Bit A/D. 12-bit Resolution ADC 30MHz Sampling Rate 10-bit Programmable Gain: to 36dB PGA Digitally Controlled Offset-Calibration with Pixel Averager and Hot Pixel Clipper DNS Filter Removes Black Level Digital Noise Widest Black Level Calibration Range at Maximum Gain 1ns/step Programmable Aperture Delay on SPIX, SBLK and ADCLK Manual Control of Offset DAC via Serial.

MAX9597 : Low-Power Audio/Video Interface For Single SCART Connectors The MAX9597 single SCART interface routes audio and video signals between a set-top box decoder chip and an external SCART connector under IC control. Operating from a 3.3V supply and a 12V supply, the MAX9597 consumes 53mW during quiescent operation and 254mW during average operation when.

DRV602 : DIRECTPATH, Pop-Free 2VRMS Line Driver With Adjustable The DRV602PW is a 2Vrms Pop-less stereo line driver designed to allowthe removal of the output dc-blocking capacitors for reduced component count and cost. The device is ideal for single supply electronics where size and cost are critical design parameters..

MAX9814 : Microphone Amplifier With AGC And Low-Noise Microphone Bias The MAX9814 is a low-cost, high-quality microphone amplifier with automatic gain control (AGC) and low-noise microphone bias. The device a low-noise preamplifier, variable gain amplifier (VGA), output amplifier, microphone-bias-voltage generator and AGC control circuitry. The low-noise preamplifier.

AD8142 : Low Cost, Triple Differential Drivers For Wideband Video The AD8141 and AD8142 are triple, low cost, differential or single-ended-input-to-differential-output drivers. Each amplifier has a fixed gain of 2 to compensate for the attenuation of the line termination resistors. The AD8141 and AD8142 are specifically designed for RGB signals but can be used.

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