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CategoryMultimedia => Audio
Description15W+15W Stereo Class-d Amplifier 28W Mono in BTL
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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DESCRIPTION The is a dual audio class D amplifier assembled in Flexiwatt 25 package; it is specially designed for high efficiency application mainly for TV and Home Stereo sets.

Figure 1. Test and application circuit. (Stereo Configuration)

Figure 2. Test and application circuit. (Bridge Configuration)

The LC filter is optimized for 8 (<->LC filter for 4 in single-ended) It hos to be changed for other loads 9

Symbol VCC Ptot Tstg, Tj Top V6,8,10,18 Parameter DC Supply Voltage (no signal) Power Dissipation Tcase = 70C Storage and Junction Temperature Operating Temperature Range Maximum Voltage on pins # 6,8,10,18 referred to GND Value 70 5 Unit C V

Symbol Rth j-case Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-case Typ. 1 Max. Unit C/W

N. Name -VCC sign/sub -VCCpow1 out +VCCpow1 BOOT1 STBY-MUTE FEED1 OSC T1 +5V GND CURREF OUT2 -VCCpow2 Vreg Function Negative signal/substrate supply Negative power supply CH1 PWM output of CH1 Positive power supply CH1 Bootstrap CH1 Control State Pin Feedback pin 1 CH1 Master Oscillator Setting Freequency Pin (or external sync.) Feedback pin2 CH1 Input CH1 Triangular waveform CH1 +5V regulator (only for internal purposes) Signal ground Setting current resistor Triangular waveform CH2 -5V regulator (only for internal purposes) Feedback pin1 CH2 Input CH2 Feedback pin2 CH2 Not connected Bootstrap CH2 Positive power supply CH2 PWM output of CH2 Negative power supply CH2 10V regulator


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