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CategoryMultimedia => Audio
DescriptionQuad BTL Driver With Voltage Regulator
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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4 BUILT-IN POWER BRIDGES 0.6A) NO EXTERNAL COMPONENTS SINGLE POWER SUPPLY WIDE SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE 15V) 5V REGULATOR DRIVER FOR EXTERNAL PASS TRANSISTOR WITH FOLD-BACK SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION ADJUSTABLE REGULATOR @ 200mA) WITH SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION DESCRIPTION This device is a quad power driver circuit in BTL configuration, intended for use as a power driver for servo systems with a single supply. It's specially dedicated to compact disc players

and it's capable of driving focus & tracking actuators sledge & spindle motors. The regulators are mainly used to have a 5V supply for the power part and a lower programmable voltage for the logic circuits.

Figure 1: Quad BTL Power Bridges + Multifunction Regulators.

N. Pin Name 5V VSUP OUT1+ OC GND ADJ VS2 OUT2_ ST_BY REG COMM OUT3+ IN3 GND VS4 OUT4IN1 DRIV Description 5V regulated input Positive power supply (battery) channel negative output channel power supply channel positive output Overcurrent sense input Ground Regulated voltage adjust input 2.nd channel positive output 2.nd channel power supply 2.nd channel negative output Stand_by Regulated voltage output Common negative input Positive input for the 2.nd channel 3.rd channel negative output 3.rd channel power supply 3.rd channel positive output Positive input for the 3.rd channel Ground Positive input for the channel channel positive output channel power supply channel negative output Positive input for the channel Pass transistor driver

Symbol VSUP VS TOP TJ Parameter DC Supply Voltage Channel Power Supply Operating Temperature Range Maximum Junction Temperature Value 80 150 Unit V C

Symbol Rth j-amb Rth j-pins Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Thermal Resistance Junction to Pins Max. Typ. Value 50 17 Unit C/W

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VSUP 6V, T amb = 25C, unless otherwise specified.)

Symbol VSUP Parameter Supply Voltage Maximum Power Dissipation (1) Quiescent current (2) from VS Quiescent current (2) from 5V Quiescent current (2) from VSUP Stand-by current from 5V (pin 1) Stand-by current from VSUP CHANNELS BTL Peak output current for channels VSAT HIGH SIDE VSAT LOW SIDE Output voltage swing peak-topeak Voltage gain for channels Channels output offset voltage VST-BY Channel St-By Threshold REGULATORS Vpin 1 V5V Min drop 5V REG Output current from DRIV for IDRIV pass-transistor driving Output current from DRIV in stand-by DROP VSUP DRIV Threshold voltage for overcurr. protection (VSUP - OC) VREG Regulator Voltage Min REG voltage (settable) Max REG voltage (settable) Output current from REG in Stand-by Test Condition Min. 6 Typ. = 5V, Iout = 0.6A Max. Unit mA A Vpp V mA

V(pin 5V V(pin R2 = VSUP = 15V VSUP = 6V V(pin R2 = VSUP = 15V VSUP = 6V

(1) @ Tamb 70C, on board 6cm2 copper heatsink (2) INx = COMM; no loads on the regulators outputs (3) Device is active when St-By = Low


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