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CategoryMultimedia => Audio
DescriptionLow Voltage Tone Control Digitally Controlled Audio Processor
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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2 STEREO INPUT 1 STEREO OUTPUT TREBLE BOOST BASS CONTROL BASS AUTOMATIC LEVEL CONTROL VOLUME CONTROL IN 1dB STEPS MUTE STAND-BY FUNCTION SOFTWARE CONTROLLED ALL FUNCTION ARE PROGRAMMABLE VIA SERIAL BUS DESCRIPTION The is a volume tone (bass and treble) processor for quality audio applications in Low voltage supply portable systems. Bass ALC (Automatic Level Control) function can be adjusted by a dedicated pin. The control of all APPLICATION & TEST CIRCUIT

the functions is accomplished by serial bus. The AC signal setting is obtained by resistor networks and switches combined with operational amplifiers. Thanks to the used BIPOLAR/CMOS Technology, Low Distortion, Low Noise and DC stepping are obtained.

This is preliminary information on a new product now in development. Details are subject to change without notice.

Symbol VS Tamb Tstg Operating Supply Voltage Operating Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature Range Parameter Value to 150 Unit V °C

Symbol Rth j-pin Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-pins Value 85 Unit °C/W

Symbol VS VCL THD S/N SC Supply Voltage Max. input signal handling Total Harmonic Distortion = 1KHz Signal to Noise Ratio V out = 0.1Vrms (mode = OFF) Channel Separation = 1KHz Volume Control -10dB damping 14dB Treble Control Bass Control Mute Attenuation (1dB step) Parameter Min. 0.2 0.1 Typ. 2.4 Max. 3 Unit V Vrms % dB

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (refer to the test circuit Tamb VS =2.4V, RL= = 600, all controls flat, unless otherwise specified)

Symbol Parameter Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
VS IS IST-BY SVR Supply Voltage Supply Current Stand-By Current Ripple Rejection dB K Vrms

CRANGE AV MIN AVMAX ASTEP Amute A-10dB G14dB Control Range Min Attenuation Max. Attenuation Step Resolution Mute Attenuation -10dB damping 14dB gain dB

Gb RB Control Range Internal Feedback Resistance Max. Boost/on K dB
VCLIP RL VDC Clipping Level Output Load Resistance DC Voltage Level d VRMS dB %
ENO Output Noise Outout Muted All gains to 20KHz flat All gains = 0.1VRMS
Total Tracking Error Signal to Noise Ratio Channel Separation Left/Right Distortion

VIL VIH IIN VO Input Low Voltage Input High Voltage Input Current Output Voltage SDA Acknowledge 0.5 VIN µA V

NOTE1: 1) BASS and TREBLE response: The center frequency and the response quality can be chosen by the external circuitry.


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