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CategoryPower Management => Supervisory Circuits => Microprocessor Supervisors
DescriptionEmitter-Switched Bipolar Transistor
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
DatasheetDownload STM6719SHWB6F datasheet
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APPLICATION n SINGLE SWITCH SMPS BASED ON THREE PHASE MAINS DESCRIPTION The STC08DE150 is manufactured in a hybrid structure, using dedicated high voltage Bipolar and low voltage MOSFET technologies, aimed at providing the best performance in ESBT topology. The STC08DE150 is designed for use in aux flyback smps for any three phase application. TO247-4L

Symbol VCS(SS) VBS(OS) VSB(OS) VGS IC ICM IB IBM Ptot Tstg TJ Parameter Collector-Source Voltage (VBS = VGS 0 V) Base-Source Voltage (IC= 0, VGS 0 V) Source-Base Voltage (IC= 0, VGS 0 V) Gate-Source Voltage Collector Current Collector Peak Current (tp < 5ms) Base Current Base Peak Current (tp < 1ms) Total Dissipation 25 oC Storage Temperature Max. Operating Junction Temperature Value to 125 Unit °C

Symbol Rthj-case Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-Case Max 0.64 Unit
Table 5: Electrical Characteristics (Tcase 25 oC unless otherwise specified)

Symbol ICS(SS) IBS(OS) ISB(OS) Parameter Collector-Source Current (VBS = VGS 0 V) Base-Source Current (IC 0 , VGS 0 V) Source-Base Current (IC 0 , VGS 0 V) IGS(OS) Gate-Source Leakage (VBS 0 V) VCS(ON) Collector-Source ON Voltage hFE DC Current Gain VGS 8 A VGS 5 A VBS(ON) Base-Source ON Voltage VGS(th) Ciss Gate Threshold Voltage Input Capacitance VCS 1 V VCS 0.5 A VGS 10 V VGS 250 mA VGS = VCB =0 VGS 10 V VCB 0.5 A hFE 1.4 V VGS 500 nA VSB(OS) 100 mA Test Conditions VCS(SS) 1500 V VBS(OS) 30 V Min. Typ. Max. 100 10 Unit mA

QGS(tot) Gate-Source Charge INDUCTIVE LOAD ts tf VCSW Storage Time Fall Time
Maximum Collector-Source 47 W Voltage Switched Without Snubber

Symbol Parameter 0.8 A IBpeak A (2 IC) VCS(dyn) Collector-Source Dynamic Voltage (1ms) VCC = VClamp 0.8 A IBpeak A (2 IC) VGS 4 A tpeak 2.2 V Test Conditions VCC = VClamp 300 V VGS 4 A tpeak 500 ns Min. Typ. 6 Max. Unit V


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