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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => FETs (Field Effect Transistors) => MOSFETs => P-Channel
DescriptionP - Channel 30v - 0.145ohm - 2a Minis0-8 StripFET MOSFET Plus Schottky Rectifier
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications



This product associates the latest low voltage St ripFET TM in p-channel version to a low drop Schottk y diode. Such configuration is extremely versatile in implementing a large variety of DC-DC convert ers for printers, portable equipment, and cellular phones. New MiniSO-8 package features:

Half footprint area versus standard SO-8, for application where minimum circuit board space is necessary. Extremely low profile, ideal for low thickness equipment.

Symbol VDS V DGR GS ID IDM( t ot Parameter Drain-source Voltage (VGS = 0) Drain- gate Voltage (RGS k ) Gate-source Voltage Drain Current (continuous) 25 C Drain Current (continuous) 100 oC Drain Current (pulsed) Total Dissipation 25 C

Symb ol V RRM I F(RMS) I F (AV) I FSM dv/dt Parameter Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage RMS Forward Current Average F orward Current Surge Non Repetitive Forward Current Critical Rate Of Rise Of Reverse Voltage C =0.5 tp= 10 ms Sinusoidal

Pulse width limited by safe operating area Note: For the P-CHANNEL MOSFET actual polarity of voltages and current has to be reversed

R thj -amb tg Tj Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient MOSFET Storage Temperature Range Maximum Junction Temperature

MOSFET ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tcase 25 oC unless otherwise specified) OFF

Symbo l V (BR)DSS I DSS IGSS Parameter Drain-source Breakdown Voltage Test Con ditions = 0 Min. Typ. Max. Unit A nA

Zero Gate Voltage DS = Max Rating Drain Current DS = Max Rating Gate-body Leakage 20 V Current (VDS = 0)

Symbo l V GS(th) R DS(on) I D(o n) Parameter Gate Threshold Voltage V GS Static Drain-source = 10V Resistance 4.5V On State Drain Current Test Con ditions A ID Min. 1 Typ. 0.145 0.18 Max. 0.165 0.2 Unit V A

Symbo iss s C rss Parameter Forward Transconductance Test Con ditions DS > ID(o x R DS(on )ma MHz = 0 Min. Typ. Max. Unit S pF

Input Capacitance 25 V Output Capacitance Reverse T ransfer Capacitance

Symbo l t d(on) Q gd Parameter Turn-on Delay T ime Rise Time Total G ate Charge Gate-Source Charge Gate-Drain Charge Test Con ditions 4.5 V (Resistive Load, see fig. 5 V Min. Typ. Max. 19 48 Unit ns nC

Symbo l t d(of f) tf Parameter Turn-off Delay T ime Fall T ime Test Con ditions 4.5 4.7 (Resistive Load, see fig. 1) Min. Typ. 88 23 Max. Unit ns

Symbo l ISD I SDM rr I RRM Parameter Source-drain Current Source-drain Current (pulsed) Forward On Voltage Reverse Time Reverse Charge Reverse Current = 0 di/dt o C tbd Recovery = 15V Recovery Test Con ditions Min. Typ. Max. 8 1.2 Unit ns nC

Pulsed: Pulse duration = 300 s, duty cycle 1.5 % Pulse width limited by safe operating area


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