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DescriptionLinear Regulators For Aerospace
Rad-hard adjustable positive voltage regulator
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

3 A low dropout voltage Embedded overtemperature and overcurrent protection Adjustable overcurrent limitation Output overload monitoring/signalling Adjustable output voltage Inhibit (ON/OFF) TTL-compatible control Programmable output short-circuit current Remote sensing operation Rad-hard: guaranteed to 300 krad Mil Std 883E Method 1019.6 high dose rate and 0.01 rad/s in ELDRS conditions Heavy ion, SEL immune


The RHFL4913 high-performance adjustable positive voltage regulator provides exceptional radiation performance. It is tested in accordance with Mil Std 883E Method 1019.6, in ELDRS conditions. The device is available in the FLAT-16 and the new SMD5C hermetic ceramic package, and the QML-V die is specifically designed for space and harsh radiation environments. It operates with an input supply to 12 volts. The RHFL4913 is QML-V qualified, DSCC SMD #5962F02524.

ADJ pin. 8 Inhibit ON-OFF control. 8 Overtemperature protection. 8 Overcurrent protection. 8 OCM pin. 8 Alternatives to the RHFL4913. 9

6.2 6.3 Notes on the 16-pin hermetic package. 10 Remote sensing operation. 10 FPGA power supply lines. 11

Package mechanical data. 14 Packaging. 17 Ordering information. 18 Revision history. 19


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