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DescriptionRCD Network For Bus Termination
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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MAIN APPLICATIONS In any electronic equipment where a suitable bus termination is requiredto avoid signal reflectionsand distortions : PC and workstation computer Data-line analyzers DESCRIPTION With the increasing speed of data transmission, line reflections provide signal distorsions and the overshoots or undershootsproduced on the signal edges can cause the malfunction of the whole system. To avoid these negative effects from leading to problems, a suitable termination is required. Dedicated to bus termination, the RCD16-47B provides by far the best method to minimise stray emissions from PCB tracks. FEATURES NETWORK OF 16R-C-D LINETERMINATIONS RESISTANCE 47 , TOLERANCE 10% CAPACITANCE: = 33 pF, TOLERANCE 10% SCHOTTKY DIODE : (D) BENEFITS Provides impedance matching, thus increasing noise immunity and minimizing distortion. Lowers EMI / RFI radiation. No DC power dissipation. Eliminates negative voltages : no current will change the bias of the protected device. Uses the best of all termination schemes.

COMPLIESWITH THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS: MIL STD 883C - Method 1500 - VPP - 3 positive strikes and 3 negativestrikes (F= 1Hz)

APPLICATION NOTE : BUS TERMINATION With the increasing speed of data transmission (PC, TV,...), engineersare naturally confrontedwith effects that were of less significance with slower circuits. Among these are the effects described in transmission line theory : line reflections provide signal distortions and the overshoots or undershoots produced on the signal edges can finally cause the malfunction of the whole system.

1. Reflection at a non terminated line The figure below shows the circuit of a transmission system in which a memory device (input impedance k) is connected at the end of a line with line impedance Zo.

If this line is not properly terminated, a certain amount of the energy is reflected back, inducing a reflection phenomena that can distort the signal. This can result in improper operation of the system. The simulation shown on the above figure illustrates the signal distortion producedby line reflection at the end of the line which is not well terminated. Even if the signal at the start of the line has the correct form (upper curve), considerable distortion arises at the end of the line (lower curve). On the positive edge, the overshoot can exceed the maximum operating voltage of the used circuit technology which will then be destroyed. Also, the following negativeundershoot may reach a level low enough to change the value of the logic state. If it affects of an address line, a wrong memory cell will be addressed, and in the case of a data line, the data can be corrupted. This phenomena also occurs on the falling edge.

To avoid these negative effects from leading to problems in a system, a suitable termination is required.

2. The RCD termination The traditional solution to properly match each line of the bus consists of the use of several discrete resistances, capacitors and small schottky diodes. For a 16-bit bus, this requires 48 discrete components. SGS-THOMSON offers an innovating solution with a monolithic structure using ASDTM technology(*). The ASDTM technologyenables to integrate monolithically 16 of these RCD "basic cells" onto a single chip device. The RCD16-47B reduces component cost and assembly cost, saves board space and improves reliability.

The simulation illustrates the signal distortion produced by line reflection at the end of the line when such a termination is used. The resistor provides the path termination for PCB track, thus resulting in low reflection phenomena. The capacitor 33 pF blocks DC currents while acting as a short circuit during signal transitions, and holds the bus at the last logic level. It reduces power consumption and avoids excessive current. The small Schottky diode clamps the negative remaining undershoots which can result from impedance mismatch. This damps negative voltages and prevents the logic signal from rising above the logic level '0' threshold after a falling edge.

The RCD termination provides optimal solution compared to all other termination techniques.


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