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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Voltage Regulators
DescriptionVery Low Drop Voltage Regulator With Inhibit
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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DESCRIPTION The LD2979 series are very Low Drop regulators available in SOT23-5L and TO-92. The very low drop-voltage and the very low quiescent current make them particularly suitable for low noise, low power applications and in battery powered systems. Shutdown Logic Control function is available on five pin version (TTL compatible). This means that

when the device is used as local regulator, it is possible to put a part of the board in standby, decreasing the total power consumption.

Symbol VI VINH IO Ptot Tstg Top DC Input Voltage DC Inhibit Input Voltage Output Current Power Dissipation Storage Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature Range Parameter Value 16 VIN Internally limited Internally limited 125 °C Unit V

Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device may occur. Functional operation under these condition is not implied.

PIN NUMBER SYMBOL VIN GND INHIBIT NC VOUT Input Voltage Ground Control Switch ON/OFF Not to be connected Output Voltage NAME AND FUNCTION 3 2

Only for the version in SOT23-5L package: Inhibit pin is not internally pulled-up then it must not be left floating. Connect to a positive voltage higher than 2V to able the device.

SOT23-5L (T&R) LD2979Z50 TO-92 (T&R) LD2979Z50TR TO-92 (Ammo Pack) LD2979Z38AP LD2979Z50AP OUTPUT VOLTAGES 5.0 V

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS FOR LD2979 (refer to the test circuits, = 1µF) (unless otherwise specified)

Symbol VO Iout VO Id Parameter Output Voltage Output Voltage Output Voltage Output Voltage Output Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Limit Line Regulation VIN = 1mA Ta= 125°C 80 Ta= 125°C 500 Ta= 125°C 0 Ta= to 125°C COUT 63 6 Ta= 125°C 30 Ta= 125°C 100 Ta= 125°C 200 Ta= to 125°C Ta= to 125°C Ta= to 125°C Ta= dB mV Test Conditions VIN to 50mA VIN to 50mA VIN to 50mA VIN to 50mA VIN to 50mA VIN to 50mA Ta= to 125°C Ta= to 125°C Ta= to 125°C Ta= to 125°C Ta= to 125°C Ta= to 125°C Min. µA Typ. 2.85 Max. mA %/VIN Unit V

Quiescent Current (On Mode) = 50mA Quiescent Current (Off Mode) VINH 0.18 V VINH 0.18 V
Inhibit Input Logic Low Inhibit Input Logic High Inhibit Input Current


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