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DescriptionStepper Motor Driver For Automotive Range
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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ABLE TO DRIVE BOTH WINDINGS OF BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR OUTPUT CURRENT TO 750mA EACH WINDING WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE TO 46V HALF-STEP, FULL-STEP AND MICROSTEPPING MODE BUILT-IN PROTECTION DIODES INTERNAL PWM CURRENT CONTROL LOW OUTPUT SATURATION VOLTAGE DESIGNED FOR UNSTABILIZED MOTOR SUPPLY VOLTAGE INTERNAL THERMAL SHUTDOWN DESCRIPTION The is a bipolar monolithic integrated circuits intended to control and drive both winding of a bipolar stepper motor or bidirectionally control two DC motors. The L6219DSA with a few external components form a complete control and drive circuit for LSTTL or microprocessor controlled stepper motor system. The power stage is a dual full bridge capable of sustaining 46V and including four diodes for current recirculation. BLOCK DIAGRAM

A cross conduction protection is provided to avoid simultaneous cross conduction during switching current direction. An internal pulse-width-modulation (PWM) controls the output current to 750mA with peak startup current to 1A. Wide range of current control from 750mA (each bridge) is permitted by means of two logic inputs and an external voltage reference. A phase input to each bridge determines the load current direction. A thermal protection circuitry disables the outputs if the chip temperature exceeds safe operating limits.

3;23 4;22 Function See pins 5;21 Connection to Lower Emitters of Output Stage for Insertion of Current Sense Resistor Input connected to the comparators. The voltage across the sense resistor is feedback to this input throught the low pass filter RC CC. The higher power transistors are disabled when the sense voltage exceeds the reference voltage of the selected comparator. When this occurs the current decays for a time set RT CT (toff 1.1 RT CT). See fig. 1. OUTPUT B Output Connection. The output stage is a "H" bridge formed by four transistors and four diodes suitable for switching applications. GROUND See pins 7;18 GROUND Ground Connection. With pins 6 and 19 also conducts heat from die to printed circuit copper. INPUT 0 See INPUT 1 (pins 9;17) INPUT 1 These pins and pins 8;20 (INPUT 0) are logic inputs which select the outputs of the comparators to set the current level. Current also depends on the sensing resistor and reference voltage. See Funcional Description. PHASE This TTL-compatible logic inputs sets the direction of current flow through the load. A high level causes current to flow from OUTPUT A (source) to OUTPUT B (sink). A schmitt trigger on this input provides good noise immunity and a delay circuit prevents output stage short circuits during switching. REFERENCE A voltage applied to this pin sets the reference voltage of the comparators, this VOLTAGE determining the output current (also thus depending on Rs and the two inputs INPUT 0 and INPUT RC A parallel RC network connected to this pin sets the OFF time of the higher power transistors. The pulse generator is a monostable triggered by the output of the comparators (toff 1.1 RT CT). Vss - LOGIC SUPPLY Supply Voltage Input for Logic Circuitry Vs - LOAD SUPPLY Supply Voltage Input for the Output Stages. Name OUTPUT A SENSE RESISTOR COMPARATOR INPUT

Note: ESD on GND, VS, VSS, OUT 1A and OUT 2A is guaranteed to 1.5KV (Human Body Model, , 100pF).

Symbol VS Io VSS VIN Vsense TJ Top Tstg Supply Voltage Output Current (peak) Output Current (continuous) Logic Supply Voltage Logic Input Voltage Range Sense Output Voltage Junction Temperature Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Parameter Value to +150 Unit C

Symbol R thj-case Rthj-amb Description Thermal Resistance Junction-case Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient Max. Value 18 75 Unit C/W

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tj to 125 C, = 46V, VSS 5.25V, V REF = 5V; unless otherwise specified) See fig. 3.

Symbol Parameter Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit

VS ICEX VCE(sat) Motor Supply Range Output Leakage Current Output Saturation Voltage = 52V VOUT = 52V VOUT = 1V Sink Driver, IOUT = +500mA Sink Driver, IOUT = +750mA Source Driver, IOUT = -500mA Source Driver, IOUT = -750mA High stage IF =750mA Low stage IF =750mA Both Bridges ON, No Load Both Bridges OFF A mA

Clamp Diode Forward Voltage Driver Supply Current Driver Supply Current

VIN(H) VIN(L) IIN(H) IIN(L) VREF ISS(ON) ISS(OFF) Input Voltage Input Voltage Input Current Input Current Reference Voltage Total Logic Supply Current Total Logic Supply Current All Inputs All Inputs VIN = 2.4V VIN = 0.84V Operating 0.8V, No Load 2.4V, No Load V mA

VREF / Vsense Current Limit Threshold (at trip point = 2.4V toff td Cutoff Time Turn Off Delay = 820pF Fig. s


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