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DescriptionDmos Full Bridge Driver
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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SUPPLY VOLTAGE 48V 5A MAX PEAK CURRENT (2A max. for L6201) TOTAL RMS CURRENT L6203/L6201PS: 4A RDS (ON) 0.3 (typical value at 25 C) CROSS CONDUCTION PROTECTION TTL COMPATIBLE DRIVE OPERATING FREQUENCY TO 100 KHz THERMAL SHUTDOWN INTERNAL LOGIC SUPPLY HIGH EFFICIENCY DESCRIPTION The I.C. is a full bridge driver for motor control applications realized in Multipower-BCD technology which combines isolated DMOS power transistors with CMOS and Bipolar circuits on the same chip. By using mixed technology it has been possible to optimize the logic circuitry and the power stage to achieve the best possible performance. The DMOS output transistors can operate at supply voltages to 42V and efficiently at high switchBLOCK DIAGRAM

ing speeds. All the logic inputs are TTL, CMOS and C compatible. Each channel (half-bridge) of the device is controlled by a separate logic input, while a common enable controls both channels. The I.C. is mounted in three different packages.

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Device 10 11 Name SENSE ENAB LE N.C. GND N.C. BOOT1 IN1 GND IN2 BOOT2 Vref Function A resistor Rsense connected to this pin provides feedback for motor current control. When a logic high is present on this pin the DMOS POWER transistors are enabled to be selectively driven by IN1 and IN2. Not Connected Common Ground Terminal Common Ground Terminal Common Ground Terminal Not Connected Ouput of 2nd Half Bridge Supply Voltage Output of first Half Bridge A boostrap capacitor connected to this pin ensures efficient driving of the upper POWER DMOS transistor. Digital Input from the Motor Controller Common Ground Terminal Common Ground Terminal Common Ground Terminal Digital Input from the Motor Controller A boostrap capacitor connected to this pin ensures efficient driving of the upper POWER DMOS transistor. Internal voltage reference. A capacitor from this pin to GND is recommended. The internal Ref. Voltage can source out a current of 2mA max.

Symbol Vs VOD VIN, VEN Io Power Supply Differential Output Voltage (between Out1 and Out2) Input or Enable Voltage Pulsed Output Current for L6201PS/L6202/L6203 (Note 1) Non Repetitive 1 ms) for L6201 for L6201PS/L6202/L6203 DC Output Current for L6201 (Note 1) Sensing Voltage Boostrap Peak Voltage Total Power Dissipation: Tpins = 90C for L6201 for L6202 Tcase = 90C for L6201PS/L6203 Tamb = 70C for L6201 (Note 2) for L6202 (Note 2) for L6201PS/L6203 (Note 2) Storage and Junction Temperature Parameter Value + 150 Unit C

Note 1: Pulse width limited only by junction temperature and transient thermal impedance (see thermal characteristics) Note 2: Mounted on board with minimized dissipating copper area.


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