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TitlePower Controllers & Motor Drivers
DescriptionQuad 100V, Dmos Switch
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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DESCRIPTION Realized with the Multipower-BCD mixed bipolar/CMOS/DMOS process, the L6114/15 monolithic quad DMOS switch is designed for high current, high voltage switching applications. Each of the four switches is controlled by a logic input and all four are controlled by a common enable input. All inputs are TTL/CMOS compatible for direct connection to logic circuits. Each source is available for the insertion of the sense resistors in current control applications. Two versions are available : the L6114 mounted in a Powerdip 14+3+3 package and the a 15lead Multiwatt package. PIN CONNECTIONS (top view)

Symbol VDS VCC ID IDM ISD ISDM VIN VEN VS Ptot Drain-source Voltage Supply Voltage Continuous Drain Current Pulsed Drain Current Continuous Source-drain Diode Current Pulsed Source Drain Diode Current Input Voltage Enable Voltage Source Voltage Total Power Dissipation Tpins 90 C Tcase 90 C Tamb 70 C Tamb 70 C Powerdip Multiwatt 15 Powerdip Multiwatt 90 C Powerdip Multiwatt 15 Powerdip Multiwatt 15 Powerdip Multiwatt 15 Powerdip Multiwatt 15 Parameter Value + 150 Unit C

Pulse width 300 s, duty cycle 10 Note : ID, IDM, ISD, ISDM are given per channel.

Symbol Rth j-pins Rth j-case Rth j-amb Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-pins Thermal Resistance Junction-case Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient Max. Powerdip 3 35 Unit

Symbol VCC ICC Parameter Supply Voltage Supply Current All VIN = H VEN = Square Wave 50 % DC) VEN = 1mA, VEN = L VEN = L VDS = 100V VDS = 125C VCC = 1.5A VEN, VIN 0.3 2 VIN, VEN = L VIN, VEN = 1.5A See Test Circuit and Waveforms ISD = 1.5A, VEN = L ISD 1.5A - VIN, VEN ns V Test Conditions Min. 14 9 Typ. Max. 48 Unit V mA

Quiescent Current Drain Source Breakdown Voltage Output Leakage Current

Static Drain-source on Resistance Input Low Voltage Input High Voltage Input Low Current Input High Current Turn on Delay Time Rise Time Turn off Delay Time Fall Time Source Drain Diode Forward Voltage Source Drain Forward Voltage

Pulse test : pulse width = 300 s, duty cycle = 2


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