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CategoryPower Management => Battery Management => Battery Chargers => Battery Chargers/Controllers
TitleBattery Chargers/Controllers
DescriptionSingle Alkaline Cell High Efficiency Step-up DC-DC Converter
CompanySipex Corporation
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Features, Applications

SP6642/6643 Single Alkaline Cell, High Efficiency Step-Up DC-DC Converter

s 20mA Output Current at 1.2V Input to +5.5V Output Range s 0.85V Guaranteed Start-Up s 83% High Efficiency s 1.5A Quiescent Supply Current at VBATT s Reverse Battery Protection s Internal Synchronous Rectifier s 5nA Logic Controlled Shutdown Current From VBATT For The SP6642 s Low-Battery Detection Active LOW Output For The SP6643 s Extremely Small SOIC Package s Pin-to-pin Compatible With MAX1642 And MAX1643 DESCRIPTION The SP6642/6643 devices are high-efficiency, low-power step-up DC-DC converters for +1V inputs ideal for single alkaline cell applications such as pagers, remote controls, and other low-power portable end products. Designers can control the SP6642 device with a 1nA active LOW shutdown input. The SP6643 features an active LOW output for low-battery conditions. Both devices contain a 0.8 synchronous rectifier, an oscillator, a 0.6 N-channel MOSFET power switch, an internal voltage reference, circuitry for pulse-frequency-modulation, and an under voltage comparator. The output voltage for the SP6642/6643 devices is preset 4% or can be adjusted from +5.5V by manipulating two external resistors.

These are stress ratings only and functional operation of the device at these ratings or any other above those indicated in the operation sections of the specifications below is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods of time may affect reliability. VBATT to 6.0V VOUT to 6.0V LX, SHDN, FB, BATTLO, PFO to 6.0V PFI to 6.0V Reverse battery Current, TAMB=+25OC.............220mA (NOTE 1) VBATT forward current............................................0.5A VOUT, LX current......................................................1A Storage Temperature to +165C Lead Temperature (soldering 10s)..................+300C Operating to +85C Power Dissipation Per Package 8-pin SOIC (derate 4.85mW/OC above +70OC)..........390mW


VBATT = VSHDN = 1.3V, ILOAD FB = GND, TAMB to +85OC, and typical values are at TAMB = +25OC unless otherwise noted.

PARAMETER Minimum Operating Input Voltage, VBATT(MIN) Maximum Operating Input Voltage, VBATT(MAX) Start-Up Input Voltage (VBATT), NOTE 2 Start-Up Input Voltage (VBATT), Temperature Coefficient SHDN Input Voltage VIL VIH SHDN Input Current FB Input Current FB Set Voltage, VFB PFI Input Current PFI Trip Voltage BATTLO Trip Voltage Output Voltage, VOUT Output Voltage Range N-Channel On-Resistance P-Channel On-Resistance P-Channel Catch-Diode Voltage

% of VBATT for the % of VBATT for the SP6642 VFB=1.3V external feedback VPFI=650mV falling PFI,hysteresis=1% VOUT = 3.3V, hysteresis SP6643 VFB<0.1V external feedback VOUT=3.3V IDIODE=100mA,P-Channel switch off

VBATT = VSHDN = 1.3V, ILOAD FB = GND, TAMB to +85OC, and typical values are at TAMB = +25OC unless otherwise noted.

PARAMETER Quiescent Current into VOUT, IQOUT Quiescent Current into VBATT, IQBATT Shutdown Current into VOUT, ISHDNOUT Shutdown Current into VBATT, ISHDNBATT Low Output Voltage for PFO and BATTLO, VOL Leakage Current for PFO and BATTLO Trip Voltage On-Time Constant, K Off-Time Tracking Ratio (NOTE 3) Efficiency

NOTE 1: The reverse battery current is measured from the Typical Operating Circuit's input terminal to GND when the battery is connected backward. A reverse current of 220mA will not exceed package dissipation limits but, if left for an extended time (more than 10 minutes), may degrade performance. NOTE 2: Start-up guaranteed by correlation to measurements of device parameters (i.e. switch on-resistance, on-times, and output voltage trip points. NOTE 3: tOFF = Ratio x tON x VBATT. This guarantees discontinous condition. VOUT - VBATT

NOTE 4: Specifications to -40C are guaranteed by design, not production tested.


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SP6644 Iout = 190mA ;; Vin Min. = 0.85V ;; Vin Max. = 3.3V ;; Fixed Outputs = 1.3V, 2.6V ;; Output Range = Adj; 3.3V ;; Iq = 50µA ;; Efficiency = 92% ;; Package = 8 Pin Msoic
SP6648 Iout = 400mA ;; Vin Min. = 0.7V ;; Vin Max. = 4.5V ;; Fixed Outputs = 3.3V ;; Output Range = Adj; 3.3V ;; Iq = 13µA ;; Efficiency = 94% ;; Package = 10 Pin Msop
SP6650 Iout = 600mA ;; Min. = 2.6V ;; Max. = 6.5V ;; Iq = 70µA ;; Fixed Outputs = 3.3V ;; Output Range = Adj; 3.3V ;; Freq. (kHz) = PFM ;; Efficiency = 95% ;; Package = 10 Pin Msop
SP6651A Iout = 800mA ;; Min. = 2.7V ;; Max. = 5.5V ;; Iq = 20µA ;; Fixed Outputs = N/a ;; Output Range = Adj ;; Freq. (kHz) = PFM ;; Efficiency = 98% ;; Package = 10 Pin Msop
SP6654 Iout = 800mA ;; Min. = 2.7V ;; Max. = 5.5V ;; Iq = 20µA ;; Fixed Outputs = N/a ;; Output Range = Adj ;; Freq. (kHz) = PFM ;; Efficiency = 98% ;; Package = 10 Pin Msop
SP6655 Iout = 400mA ;; Min. = 2.6V ;; Max. = 5.5V ;; Iq = 20µA ;; Fixed Outputs = N/a ;; Output Range = 1.0 to VCC ;; Freq. (kHz) = PFM ;; Efficiency = 98% ;; Package = 10 Pin DFN
SP6660 iq = 400µA ;; Vin Min. = 1.5V ;; Vin Max. = 4.25V ;; Output Current = 200mA ;; Output Range = -1.5V to -4.25V or +3V to 8.5V ;; Freq. (kHz) = 10/80 ;; Efficiency = 93% ;; Package = 8 Pin Msoic 8 Pin Nsoic
SP6661 iq = 3mA ;; Vin Min. = 1.5V ;; Vin Max. = 5.3V ;; Output Current = 200mA ;; Output Range = -1.2V to –5V ;; Freq. (kHz) = 900 ;; Efficiency = 92% ;; Package = 8 Pin Msoic 8 Pin Nsoic
SP6680 iq = 100µA ;; Vin Min. = 2.7V ;; Vin Max. = 6.5V ;; Output Current = 60mA ;; Output Range = +5.4V to 6.0V ;; Freq. (kHz) = 8.198; 32.768; 262.144 ;; Efficiency = 96% ;; Package = 10 Pin µSOIC
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AS1121S-3-3 :

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SP3491EP : no of Tx/rx = 1Tx+/1Rx ;; Duplex = Full ;; VCC (V) = 3.3 ;; Typ. Icc Current (mA) = 1 ;; Data Rate (kbps) = 10,000 ;; Typ. Shut Down Icc (µA) = N/a ;; No. Of Rx/tx on Bus = 32 ;; RX Failsafe With Inputs Open = • ;; Features = › High Speed ;; Op. Range (°C) = -40 to 85 0 to 70 ;

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PQ070XZ01ZP : Low Voltage Operation, Low Power Loss Voltage Regulator in a SC-63 Package.

PT4245 : . 10W Output Power Input Voltage: to 36V Output Voltages: 13.2V 1500 VDC Isolation Temp Range: to +85C Remote On/Off Control Undervoltage Lockout Output Current Limit Short-Circuit Protection Low-Profile Package (8mm) Space Saving Package Solderable Copper Case Safety Agency Approvals: UL 60950 CSA 22.2 60950 The PT4240 power modules are a series of DC/DC.

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