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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators => LDO (Low Drop Out)
DescriptionIout = 500mA ;; Vin Min. = 0.3V ;; Vin Max. = 7V ;; Iq = 400µA ;; Acc = 3% ;; Vdrop = 300mV
CompanySipex Corporation
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Features, Applications

FEATURES "Tiny" MLP Package Offers Excellent Thermal Characteristics "Glitch Free" Transition between Two Supplies 3.3V Fixed LDO Output Voltage 400A Quiescent Current @500mA Load Fast Transient Response Current Limit Protection Thermal Shutdown Protection with Hysteresis Auxiliary Supply Control Internal 0.2 PFET Switch Eliminates External FETs Kelvin Connection with 3.3V Feedback APPLICATIONS USB Peripherals NIC Cards PCMCIA/PCI Cards Desktop Computers Dual Power Systems DESCRIPTION The 500mA, 3.3V LDO with an integrated auxiliary voltage input switch. During normal operation, the SP6231 acts as a standard LDO with an output voltage of 3.3V delivering to 500mA. When the 5V input drops below 4.4V, the 3.3V, VAUX input is switched to the output through an internal PFET, maintaining a constant "glitch free" output voltage. The SP6231 is ideally suited for NIC cards and portable battery powered equipment. When a desktop computer reverts to sleep mode, its 5V bus is removed, leaving only the 3.3V bus. The SP6231's auxiliary output passes the 3.3V bus through, keeping the NIC card available for any Wake-On-LAN command. In battery powered applications, the SP6231 draws power from any available 5V USB connection and reverts to battery power when the USB power is removed. TYPICAL APPLICATION CIRCUIT

VIN......................................................................................... to 7V VOUT..................................................................................... to 6V VAUX..................................................................................... to 7V Storage Temperature........................ to 150C Power Dissipation............................ internally limited Lead Temperature (Soldering).... 60 sec. max above 183C,230C Peak These are stress ratings only and functional operation of the device at these ratings or any other above those indicated in the operation sections of the specifications below is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods of time may affect reliability.

Unless otherwise specified: 85C, 4.75V VIN < 6V, COUT 10F with ESR <1, IOUT = 10mA, VAUX = 3.3V PARAMETER LINEAR REGULATOR Output Voltage Line Regulation Load Regulation Ground Current Limit Thermal Shutdown Thermal Shutdown Hysteresis VSENSE Pin Current AUXILIARY BACKUP Upper VIN Threshold Lower VIN Threshold VIN Threshold Hysteresis Ground Current RDS(ON) Current Limit Maximum Junction Temperature, TJ(MAX) Thermal Resistance, A C C/W MLP package 0.4 VIN < 4.25V, VAUX = 3.3V, IOUT = 0mA VIN = 3.3V, IOUT 0V < VOUT 4.65 4.55 VIN increasing VIN decreasing 10mA < IOUT < 500mA VIN to 6V VIN = 5V, IOUT to 500mA IOUT = 10mA IOUT 0V < VOUT < 3.2V VIN 5V or VIN = 0V UNITS MIN TYP MAX CONDITIONS

PIN NUMBER 4 PIN NAME VSENSE VIN VOUT VAUX GND DESCRIPTION Kelvin connection with 3.3V feedback. Always tiethis pin to the point of regulation Main 5V input. VOUT = 3.3V when VIN > 4.5V; VOUT = VAUX when VIN 4.4V 3.3V auxiliary backup supply that is switched in through an internal PMOS when VIN drops below 4.4V typically. 6 pin MLP is grounded.

ENABLE Current Limit 0.8A R2 VAUX VREF Bandgap Reference GND Thermal Shutdown 165C + VREF _ 100mV Hysteresis


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SP6650 Iout = 600mA ;; Min. = 2.6V ;; Max. = 6.5V ;; Iq = 70µA ;; Fixed Outputs = 3.3V ;; Output Range = Adj; 3.3V ;; Freq. (kHz) = PFM ;; Efficiency = 95% ;; Package = 10 Pin Msop
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