Details, datasheet, quote on part number: SP6203EM5-2-7
DescriptionLow Noise, 300ma and 500ma CMOS LDO Regulators
CompanySipex Corporation
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Features, Applications

Very Low Dropout Voltage: 0.6 PMOS Pass Device Accurate Output Voltage: 2% over Temperature Guaranteed 500mA Output Current: SP6205 Ultra Low Noise Output: 2VRMS with 0nF Bypass Unconditionally Stable with 2.2F Ceramic Low Quiescent Current: 5A Very Low Ground Current: 500 mA Power-Saving Shutdown Mode: < A Fast Turn-On and Turn-Off: 60S Fast Transient Response Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown Protection Very Good Load/Line Regulation: 0.07/0.0% Excellent PSRR: 67dB < kHz Industry Standard SOT-23-5 and Small pin 2X3 DFN Package Fixed Output Voltages: 2.5V, 3.0V and 3.3V Adjustable Output Available


Cellular / GSM Phones Laptop / Palmtop Computers Battery-Powered Systems Pagers Medical Devices MP3/CD Players Digital Still Cameras


The SP6203/6205 are ultra low noise CMOS LDOs with very low dropout and ground current. The noise performance is achieved by means of an external bypass capacitor without sacrificing turn-on and turn-off speed critical to portable applications. Extremely stable and easy to use, these devices offer excellent PSRR and Line/Load regulation. Target applications include battery-powered equipment such as portable and wireless products. Regulators' ground current increases only slightly in dropout. Fast turn-on/turn-off enable control and an internal 30 pull down on output allows quick discharge of output even under no load conditions. Both LDOs are protected with current limit and thermal shutdown. Both LDOs are available in fixed & adjustable output voltage versions and come in an industry standard SOT-23 5-pin and small 2X3 pin DFN packages. For SC-70 00mA CMOS LDO, SP623 is available.

VIN CIN 1 5 VOUT COUT 2.2F Ceramic CIN 2.2F VIN 1 5 VOUT COUT 2.2F Ceramic

Supply Input Voltage to 6V Output Voltage (VOUT).....................................................-0.6V to VIN +V Enable Input Voltage to 6V Power Dissipation (PD)......................................Internally Limited, Note Lead Temperature (soldering 5s)...........................................+260C Storage to +50C Junction Temperature..........................................................+50C These are stress ratings only and functional operation of the device at these ratings or any other above those indicated in the operation sections of the specifications below is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods of time may affect reliability.

Input Voltage to +5.5V Enable Input Voltage to 5.5V Junction Temperature to +25C Thermal Resistance, SOT-23-5 ( JA)...........................................Note Thermal Resistance, SOT-23-6 ( JA)...........................................Note Remark: The device is not guaranteed to function outside its operating rating.

Unless otherwise specified: VIN=VOUT to 6V, COUT = 2.2F ceramic, CIN = 2.2F, IOUT < 25C. The denotes the specifications which apply over full operating temperature range to +25C, unless otherwise specified. PARAMETER Input Voltage Output Voltage Accuracy Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient, Note2 Reference Voltage Line Regulation Load Regulation, Note 3 Dropout Voltage for VOUT > 3.0V, Note MiN TYP MAX 6 +2 UNiTS V % ppm/C V %/V % CONDiTiONS Variation from specified VOUT VOUT/ T Adjustable version only VOUT (VIN below 6V) IOUT 300mA (SP6203) IOUT 500mA (SP6205) IOUT = 0.mA IOUT = 00mA IOUT = 200mA IOUT 300mA (SP6203) IOUT 500mA (SP6205) IOUT = 0.mA (IQUIESCENT) IOUT = 00mA IOUT = 200mA IOUT 300mA (SP6203) IOUT 500mA (SP6205) VEN < 0.V (shutdown) VOUT = ZeroV (SP6203) VOUT = ZeroV (SP6205) Regulator Turns off Regulator turns on again 5C f kHz CBYP = 0nF, IOUT = 0.mA CBYP = 0nF, IOUT =300mA CBYP = 0nF, IOUT = 0.mA CBYP = 0nF, IOUT = 300mA VOUT/ PD VIN V, Note 0 IOUT = 30mA VIN V, Note 0 IOUT = 30mA IOUT = 0.mA, VIN V, Note 0 IOUT = 300mA, VIN V, Note 0 No Load Regulator Shutdown Regulator Enabled

Shutdown Supply Current Limit Thermal Shutdown Junction Temperature Thermal Shutdown Hysteresis Power Supply Rejection Ratio Output Noise Voltage, Note 6

Thermal Regulation, Note 7 Wake-Up Time (TWU), Note (from shutdown mode) Turn-On Time (TON), Note (from shutdown mode) Turn-Off Time (TOFF), Output Discharge Resistance Enable Input Logic Low Voltage Enable Input Logic High Voltage

SP6203/SP6205 Low Noise, 300 and 500mA CMOS LDO Regulators SP6203/6205 Low Noise, 300 and 500mA CMOS LDO Regulators

Note 1: Maximum power dissipation can be calculated using the formula: PD = (TJ(max) - TA) / JA, where TJ(max) is the junction temperature, TA is the ambient temperature and JA is the junction-to-ambient thermal resistance. is 6C/W for this package. Exceeding the maximum allowable power dissipation will result in excessive die temperature and the regulator will go into thermal shutdown mode. is 191C/W for SOT-23-5, and is 59C/W for the -pin DFN. A part mounted a PC board will deliver improved thermal performance based upon copper surface area. Note 2: Output voltage temperature coefficient is defined as the worst case voltage change divided by the total temperature range. Note 3: Regulation is measured at constant junction temperature using low duty cycle pulse testing. Changes in output voltage due to heating effects are covered by the thermal regulation specification. Note 4: Dropout-voltage is defined as the input to output differential at which the output voltage drops 2% below its nominal value measured at V differential. Note 5: Ground pin current is the regulator quiescent current. The total current drawn from the supply is the sum of the load current plus the ground pin current. Note 6: Output noise voltage is defined within a certain bandwidth, namely 00kHz. An external bypass cap (0nF) from reference output (BYP pin) to ground significantly reduces noise at output. Note 7: Thermal regulation is defined as the change in output voltage at a time "t" after a change in power dissipation is applied, excluding load and line regulation effects. Specifications are for a 300mA load pulse at VIN = 6V for t = ms. Note 8: The wake-up time (TWU) is defined as the time it takes for the output to start rising after enable is brought high. Note 9: The total turn-on time is called the settling time (TS), which is defined as the condition when both the output and the bypass node are within 2% of their fully enabled values when released from shutdown. Note 10: For output voltage versions requiring VIN to be lower than V, timing (TON & TOFF) increases slightly.

BYP current limit & thermal shutdown GND Cbyp (optional)


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