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CategoryOptoelectronics => Photosensors
DescriptionSubminiature Photointerrupter
CompanySharp Microelectronics of the Americas
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Features, Applications

1. Compact package 2. PWB mouning type 3. Double-phase phototransistor output type for detecting of rotation direction and count 4. Detecting pitch : 0.6mm

Tolerance 0.2mm * Burr's dimensions 0.15MAX. * Rest of gate : 0.3MAX. Reference dimensions * The dimensions indicated by g refer to those measured from the lead base.

Prameter Forward current Reverse voltage Power dissipation Collector-emitter voltage Output Emitter-collector Voltage Collector current Collector power dissipation Total power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature *1 Soldering temperature

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Input Output Transfer characteristics Parameter Forward voltage Reverse current Collector dark current Collector current Collector-emitter saturation voltage Rise time Response time Fall time Symbol IR I CEO IC V CE(sat) tr tf Conditions 1 000 MIN. 250 TYP. 1.2 50

10 500 Collector current 10mA 4mA Collector-emitter voltage V ) Ambient temperature C ) Collector current A) 8

Fig. 7 Collector-emitter Saturation Voltage vs. Ambient Temperature
Fig. 8 Collector Dark Current vs. Ambient Temperature


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