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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Controllers => Management/Control
DescriptionOptical Mini-jack For Digital Audio Equipment
CompanySharp Microelectronics of the Americas
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Features, Applications

1. Electric and optical signal compatible design ( Three kinds of terminals are ) integrated into a single unit. 2. Compact design with small jack compatible mini-plug ( Less than 1/2 in volume ) 3. OPIC type ( Direct interface to microcomputer of the I/O signals ) ( High fidelity real sound reproduction) 4. High speed data transmission Signal transmisson speed: MAX. 8Mbps ( NRZ signal )

OPIC is a trademark of Sharp and stands for Optical IC. It has light detecting element and signal processing circuitry integrated single chip.

" In the absence of confirmation by device specification sheets, SHARP takes no responsibility for any defects that occur in equipment using any of SHARP's devices, shown in catalogs, data books, etc. Contact SHARP in order to obtain the latest version of the device specification sheets before using any SHARP's device. "

GP1F351T/GP1F351R s Absolute Maximum Ratings GP1F351T/GP1F351R ( Photoelectric conversion element )

Parameter Supply voltage Output current GP1F351R ) Input voltage GP1F351T ) Operating temperature Storage temperature 1 Soldering temperature Symbol VCC I OL Vim Topr Tstg Tsol Rating 0.5 to source current) 4 ( sink current to V CC+ 80 260 Unit V °C

Parameter Total power dissipation Isolation voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature 1 Soldering temperature

Symbol Ptot Viso Topr Tstg Tsol

Parameter Supply voltage Operating transfer rate Symbol VCC T MIN. 4.75 TYP. 5.0 MAX. 5.25 8 Unit V Mbps

Parameter Supply voltage Operating transfer rate Receiver input optical power level Symbol VCC T PC MIN. TYP. 5.0 MAX. Unit V Mbps dBm

Parameter Peak emission wavelength Optical power output coupling with fiber Supply current High level input voltage Low level input voltage LowHigh delay time HighLow delay time Pulse width distortion Jitter Symbol V iH ViL t PLH t PHL tw tj Conditions Refer to Fig. 1 Refer to Fig. 2 Refer to Fig. 2 Refer to Fig. 2 Refer to Fig. 3 Refer to Fig. 3 Refer to Fig. 3 Refer to Fig. 3 MIN. TYP.

Parameter Peak sensitivity wavelength Supply current High level output voltage Low level output voltage Rise time Fall time Low High delay time High Low delay time Pulse width distortion - 14.5dBm Jitter - 24dBm Symbol I CC VOH VOL tf t PLH t PHL tw Conditions Refer to Fig. 4 Refer to Fig. 5 Refer to Fig. 5 Refer to Fig. 5 Refer to Fig. 5 Refer to Fig. 5 Refer to Fig. 5 Refer to Fig. 5 Refer to Fig. 6 MIN. - 30 TYP.

Parameter Insertion force, withdrawal force Contact resistance Isolation resistance Symbol FP Rcon R ISO Conditions 2 3 D.C. 500V, 1min. MIN. 5 100 TYP. MAX. 35 30 Unit m M

Note) This jack is designed for applicable to 3.5 compact single head plug ( EIAJ RC-6701A 2 Measuring method of insertion force and withdrawal force. Insertion and withdrawal force shall be measured after inserting and withdrawing 3 times by using EIAJ RC-6701A standard plug for test. 3 Measuring method of contact resistance. About movable contact terminal and make contacts, it measures 100mA or less and 1000HZ at the condition of inserting EIAJ 6701A standard plug for tast.

Fig. 1 Measuring Method of Optical Output Coupling Fiber

Standard optical fiber cable GP1F351T Unit to be measured Vin VCC GND VCC D The optical power meter must be calibrated to have the wavelength sensitivity 1mW ) Optical power meter (Anritsu ) ML93B

Note VCC 0.05V ( State of operating To bundle up the standard fiber optic cable, make it into a loop with the diameter 10cm or more. ( The standard fiber optic cable will be specified elsewhere.)


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