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CategoryCommunication => Fiber Optics
DescriptionLight Transmitting/receiving Units
CompanySharp Microelectronics of the Americas
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Features, Applications

1. Low jitter tj : TYP. ) 2. High speed signal transmission ( 8Mbps, NRZ signal ) 3. Directly connectable to modulation /demoduration IC for digital audio equipment Light transmitting unit Built-in light emitting diode driving circuit Light receiving unit Built-in signal processing circuit 4. With two fixing holes for easy mounting on set panel 5. 2-channel type (GP1F33RR/GP1F33TT/GP1F33RT) We recommend you to use Sharp's optical fiber cable, GP1C335 )

Model No. GP1C331A GP1C335 Internal Constitution Light transmitting unit Light receiving unit Light transmitting unit Light receiving unit Dual light transmitting unit Dual light receiving unit Light transmitting & receiving units Optical fiber cable 1m ) Optical fiber cable 0.6m ) Optical fiber cable 5m )

GP1F31R Detector IC 1 VCC 2 GND Amp. * 3 Vout OPIC light detector

OPIC is a trademark of Sharp and stands for Optical IC. It has light detecting element and signal processing circuitry integrated single chip.

" In the absence of confirmation by device specification sheets, SHARP takes no responsibility for any defects that occur in equipment using any of SHARP's devices, shown in catalogs, data books, etc. Contact SHARP in order to obtain the latest version of the device specification sheets before using any SHARP's device."

, 4 VCC , 5 GND , 6 Vout Receiving portion Internal equivalent circuit

Parameter Supply voltage Input voltage Power dissipation 1 High level output current 2 Low level output current Operating temperature

(Ta = 25°C) Symbol VCC Vin I OL Topr Tstg Tsol Ratings 0.5 to VCC 80 260 Unit mA °C

Parameter Plug & optical fiber Tension Optical fiber Bending radius Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol Tpf Tf R Topr Tstg Rating 40 25 Min. + 70 Unit mm °C

Parameter Operating voltage Peak emission wavelength Fiber coupling light output Dissipation current High level input voltage Low level input voltage " LowHigh" propagation delay time " HighLow" propagation delay time Pulse width distortion Jitter Operating transfer rate

Parameter Operating voltage Peak sensitivity wavelength Maximum input optical power level for receiving unit Minimum input optical power level for receiving unit Dissipation current High level output voltage Low level output voltage Rise time Fall time " LowHigh" propagation delay time " HighLow" propagation delay time Pulse width distortion Jitter Symbol VCC P CMAX P CMIN V OH VOL tf t PLH t PHL tw tj Conditions = -24dBm NRZ. duty 50% input MIN. TYP.

7 Measuring method of optical output coupling fiber

Standard optical fiber cable GP1F31T/GP1F32T/ GP1F33TT Unit to be measured Vin VCC GND VCC D Optical power meter (Anritsu ) ML93

The optical power meter must be calibrated to have the wavelength sensitivity = 1mW) Note ± 0.05V (Operating 2) To bundle up the standard fiber cable, make it into a loop with the diameter 10cm or more.


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PQ015YZ01ZZH : 1 V-1.5 V ADJUSTABLE POSITIVE REGULATOR, PSSO5 Specifications: Regulator Type: Standard ; Output Polarity: Positive ; Output Voltage Type: Adjustable / Variable ; Package Type: Other, SC-63, 5 PIN ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Output Voltage: 1 to 1.5 volts ; IOUT: 1 amps

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DP83251 : FDDI. Player Device (fddi Physical Layer Controller) (obsolete). DP83251 DP83255 PLAYER Device (FDDI Physical Layer Controller) DP83251 55 PLAYER TM Device (FDDI Physical Layer Controller) The DP83251 DP83255 PLAYER device implements one Physical Layer (PHY) entity as defined by the Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) ANSI X3T9 5 Standard The PLAYER device contains NRZ NRZI and 4B 5B encoders and decoders serializer.

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EEI68C684 : Quad Uart. Part Numbers May Be Marked With "IMP" or "Ei." Programmable internal or X1/CLK divided by 2 Buffered system clock output pin Stand-by mode to reduce operating power Advanced CMOS low power technology Full duplex, four channel asynchronous receiver and transmitter Quadruple-buffered receiver and transmitter Internal bit rate generator with 23 industry.

Ei16C550 : . 5V Operation Full duplex asynchronous receiver and transmitter Easily interfaces to most popular microprocessors Adds or deletes standard asynchronous communication bits (start, stop, and parity) to or from a serial data stream Independently controlled transmitter, receiver, line status, and data set interrupts Programmable baud rate generator allows.

HDMP-0440 : . Agilent HDMP-0440 Quad Port Bypass Circuit for Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loops Data Sheet Supports 1.0625 GBd Fibre Channel operation Supports 1.25 GBd Gigabit Ethernet (GE) operation Quad PBC in one package Equalizers on all inputs High-speed LVPECL I/O Buffered Line Logic (BLL) outputs (no external bias resistors required) 0.5 W typical power at VCC V 44 Pin,.

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MTD971 : 10M/100M Ethernet Transceiver (PMD). Complies with X3T12 FDD over copper (TP-PMD) standards. Complies with IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet 100Base-TX standards. Integrated UTP receiver with adaptive equalization for CAT-5 cable. Intelligent squelching for signal detection status and LED output. ECL level NRZI to MLT-3 level signal coding and decoding. Integrated UTP transmitter with current mode.

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PEB20560 : Ics For Communications. PEB 20560 Revision History: Previous Version: Page (in previous (in current Version) Current Version: Preliminary Data Sheet 2003-08 Preliminary Data Sheet 11.97 Subjects (major changes since last revision) Global Interrupt Status Register (Version 2.1) Interrupt Mask Register for GPIO (Version 2.1) Trademarks changed Note: OCEM® and OakDSPCore® (OAK®).

SA2030 : PCM Frame Aligner. Frame Alignment Recovery and loss in accordance with CCITT recommendations G.732 and G.737 Jitter and phase-wander immunity exceed the requirements of CCITT recommendation G.823. Internal 1˝ frame elastic buffer. Detection of incoming AlarmIndication-Signal (AIS), and Distant Alarm Indication of Slip, loss of frame synchronisation, and loss of route.

TQ9303 : Fibre Channel Encoder/decoder. Data 32 Parity 4 Control 11 HOST Data 32 Parity 4 Control 12 Data 10 Control GA9102 Rx Optical Rx or Copper Interface TQ9303 ENDEC 2 10 Control Tx 2 Optical Tx or Copper Interface Compliant with ANSI X3T11 Fibre Channel Standard Full implementation of Fibre Channel's FC-1 layer Interfaces directly with TriQuint's GA9101/GA9102 and TQ9501/TQ9502 FC-0.

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TLK3131 : 1-Ch 600 Mbps To 3.75 Gbps Multi-Rate Transceiver The TLK3131 is a flexible single channel configurable serial transceiver. It can be configured to be compliant with the 1000Base-X 1Gbps Ethernet (Auto-Negotiation not supported). The TLK3131 provides high-speed bi-directional point-to-point data transmissions with up to 7.5 Gbps of raw data transmission.

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