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The is a true bipolar and high speed LVDS to PECL / LVPECL translator. This device accepts low voltage (350 mV typical) differential input signal and translate them into either LVPECL or PECL output signals. SK1301 has an on-chip 100 Ohm termination resistors across its differential inputs. This device operates over an extended supply range to 5.5V which allow either PECL or LVPECL signal at its outputs based on the supply voltage range.


Extended Supply Voltage Range: (VCC to 5.5V; VEE 0V) 800 MHz Min. Toggle Frequency On-Chip 100 Input Termination Resistor ESD Protection > 4000V Specified Over Industrial Temperature Range: to 85oC Available in both 8 Lead SOIC and MSOP Packages Flammability Rate: UL-94 code V-0 Moisture sensitivity: Level 1

NOTES: 1. Dimensions are in millimeters. 2. Dimensions D and do no include mold protrusion. 3. Maximum mold protrusion 0.15 per side. 4. Dimension B does not include Dambar protrusion. Allowable Dambar protrusion shall be 0.127 total in excess of the B dimension at maximum material condition.

TEST AND MEASUREMENT PRODUCTS Package Information (continued)

NOTES: 1. Dimensions are mm 2. Controlling dimension: mm 3. Dimension does not include mold flash or protrusions, either of which shall not exceed 0.20


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